Glenn Brock…the Money Man of Georgia School Systems, Heh?

By Dr. John Trotter

Who died and made Glenn Brock of the Brock, Clay, Calhoun & Rogers (aka Brock and Clay) Law Firm the legal expect (or as he refers to himself as “education attorney”) in the State of Georgia? Come on, folks! This is laughable! Hell, just read in the above link of his antics and practices on the Cobb County Board of Education before he stepped down apparently in a modicum of shame…only to hand the job off to his legal teammate, Clem Doyle. Yes, let’s keep this $2,000,000.00 per year (probably more now) in the family, so to speak.

Yes, not only has Glenn Brock taken responsibility for “advising” the Cobb County Board of Education in its 57 illegal school board meetings – yes, taking votes in Executive Session – but former superintendent Fred Sanderson apparently refused to bid out the legal work…after several Cobb County School Board members kept calling for this. By the way, the Cobb County Board of Education admitted its 57 illegal meetings. Another by the way, this is the same Glenn Brock who seems to have a special relationship with SACS chieftain Mark Elglart. Where one shows up, the other seems closely behind. In 2008, Mark Elgart, Glenn Brock, Bradley Bryant, and James Bostic (the last two were State School Board members at the time) illegally met behind closed doors with the Clayton County Board of Education to “help” this school board. Help?! Are you kidding me?! This kind of “help” did nothing but to destroy Clayton County…just like it is in the process of destroying DeKalb County.

I have to admit…ole Glenn Brock is quite a businessman. His firm doubles not only as a law firm, bringing in millions and millions of dollars in revenue from the public troughs of the school systems, but it is, according to the firm, “a top rated” political lobbying firm in Georgia. Hey, that’s not all. Ole Glenn has his own “search firm.” What a joke…this “search” usually means, I suspect, a call to the Broad Foundation to see if Eli Broad’s group has identified a promising superintendent…you know…like Edmond Heatley whom Glenn recommended for Clayton County. What a disaster. And MACE warned the Clayton County Board of Education beforehand with pickets, etc., about hiring this “reject” from Chino Valley, California. But, no, they listened to ole Glenn and got themselves a real character for a superintendent…one whom I believe was perhaps the most despised of all time by the employees – or at least in the modern era.

I think that it was Glenn Brock who brought in Michael Hinojosa to Cobb County from Dallas Independent School System in Texas. Hinojosa wasn’t exactly loved in Dallas, and there was not a little cheering when he left. I don’t think that his “achievements” in Dallas were without majors detractors. After Hinojosa, Glenn brought Robert Avossa from little Wingate College to the Fulton County School System. Yes, Mr. Avossa, under whose leadership in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina it appears that a significant number of the student statistics were inflated and were recently adjusted by the new superintendent, came to Fulton County with his new doctorate from Wingate College almost freshly-minted to go along with his degree from NOVA out of Ft. Lauderdale. Yes, where does Glenn Brock find these chaps? Ah, you ask, heh? Well, ole Bobby Avossa is also one of Eli and Edith Broad’s boys. But, I admit that Bobby Avossa has done well in this American Experience. It is for him a dream come true. Born in Italy. Raised in Italy for his first few years…and eventually growing up in Florida, he, like other appointed superintendents, wormed his way up the corporate ladder to bring in a healthy pay and benefits package of around $300,000.00. Not quite as good as Mark Elgart, but a good healthy chunk of public cheddar.

Talking about backgrounds… Sergeant Edmond Heatley had only been a school teacher for just two years. Yes, just two years. What a Dream Merchant ole Glennie Boy Brock is! Not wonder this not-so-highly-qualified appointees seem to always recommend to their respective school boards that Glenn Brock become the school board attorney! Ha! He helps these cats achieve the American Dream! Of course ole Glenn doesn’t do this for free. He too gets a good chunk of the public cheddar when he lands someone like Michael Hinojosa to the Cobb County Board of Education. Little Mikie was born in Mexico. He, like Italian-American Robert Avossa, is just living the American Dream! It is easy to achieve. Get a few degrees. Go along to get along. Kiss a lot of corporate ass. Eat a little corporate do-do on the way (sometimes they even allow you to take it capsule-style, but you do have to take it!). Sell off your integrity. Lose your soul. Ooh-haa! The American Way! By the way, do you think that old Glenn Brock would have recommended Sergeant Edmond Heatley to the Clayton County Board of Education unless he had been African-American? Just a thought…

Yes, ole Glenn Brock has done quite well for himself. He graduated from the University of Georgia in the early 1970s. Worked a little. Decided to go to law school. Attended the unaccredited and now-defunct Atlanta Law School. A law school a lawyer does not make. I have known some of the best lawyers in Georgia who attended Woodrow Wilson Law School, Atlanta Law School, and John Marshall Law School, the latter of which is in the process of trying to secure full Bar accreditation. I actually tip my hat to Glenn Brock for seeing such a good gig…or two…or three and jumping on board. Yes, there are millions and millions in the public schools. I read the other day that Georgia spends over a billion dollars testing its children, grading the tests, etc. Could this really be true?

Yes, folks, it’s all about the money. I have been telling you for years that it’s about the cheddar. It’s about the cheddar for SACS. It’s about the cheddar with these law firms. It’s about the cheddar with these laughable appointed superintendent and their damn “search” firms.

Wake up, people. The Educational Industrial Complex has taken over our schools. Local control is a myth. The corporacrats have been salivating over this school money for years. Yes, even the seeming altruistic but educationally-misguided Bill Gates had his conversation with Steve Jobs in Jobs’s house when Jobs was terminally ill about getting the tablets and apps into the public schools. The public school systems are gold mines…as our friend Glenn Brock discovered years ago. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Glenn seems to have a fourth gig…helping bail out school systems which get in trouble with his apparent buddy, Mark Elgart of SACS? Now this man knows how to make money off the school systems! Ha! © JRAT, January 28, 2013.

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