Teachers, Are You Feeling Frustrated, Overwhelmed, & Disemboweled? Tired of Snap-shot, Drive-by Evaluations? No Support for Discipline? Feeling 100% Undervalued as a Professional Educator? Don’t Quit! Join MACE. Don’t Teach Without It!

MACE knows the issues. MACE knows what you are going through. Dr. John R. A. Trotter founded MACE in 1995 upon this clarion mantra: “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions” (©MACE, 1995). Dr. Trotter has been a teacher and administrator in several Georgia school systems and came from a long line of Georgia public school educators. Dr. Trotter and the MACE Staff know that the main issues in public education is (1) defiant & disruptive students, (2) irate & irresponsible parents, (3) angry & abusive administrators, (4) forcing teachers to give students grades that they do not truly earn – which is another form of systematic cheating, and (5) the asinine drop-by bubble-the-circles evaluations which are often used against teachers in a manipulative, punitive, and retributive manner.

These days, teachers are so disrespected. They feel downtrodden, frustrated, overwhelmed, and disemboweled. Unlike GAE and PAGE, MACE represents only teachers, not administrators. The MACE representation is aggressive when you need the aggressive representation. Administrators know this. In fact, MACE is the South’s most aggressive teachers’ union. Others have seen MACE’s phenomenal success, and they make the same claim. But their claim is hollow. It’s a shame and a farce. MACE walks the walk and has been providing its teacher-members effective aggressive representation for more than 25 years. When administrators find out that you are a member of MACE, they suddenly get “religion.” Don’t Teach Without MACE!

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