Meet with MACE Leaders. Just Call the MACE Office (770.716.2727).

John and Ben in Cobb


Dr. John Trotter (L), Chairman of MACE Board of Directors, and Ben Barnes (R), CEO of MACE, were meeting with Smyrna Elementary School teachers in Cobb County on the occasion of this photo. Dr. Trotter and Mr. Barnes have had two meetings with Smyrna teachers this school year. MACE leaders and associates are ready to meet with teachers whenever they are asked. Just call the MACE Office (770.716.2727) and make an appointment. MACE meets Georgia teachers literally all over the State. Unlike GAE and PACE, MACE only represents and defends classroom educators, not administrators and supervisors. And when you say “MACE,” the administrators listen. MACE has richly earned its reputation in 23 years. MACE empowers classroom educators…one member at a time. The Choice is Clear! Don’t wait too long to join MACE. MACE membership is strictly confidential.

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