Two Pertinent Articles are Reprinted… The MACE Thesis & Why You Came to MACE!

Note:  Administrators are still acting like educational fools all over the State of Georgia — and nationwide — clueless as ever as how schools function effectively.  They have mindlessly bought into the top-down, heavy-handed management of teachers as if the teachers are the problems in public education.  No,  the problems in public education are the unruly and unmotivated students (or, in some cases, outright thugs), the irate and irresponsible parents, and the angry  and abusive administrators.  Since MACE’s very beginning in 1995, the mantra at MACE has been that “[Y]ou cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.”  In some schools, the teaching conditions are horrific.  MACE protects and empowers classroom educators…one member at a time.  MACE is the only teachers’ union in Georgia which makes no bones about devouring any school administrator whom MACE feels is abusing teachers.  The ONLY teachers’ union in Georgia.   Enjoy the two articles below. 

The MACE Thesis

By Dr. John R. Alston Trotter and Norreese L. Haynes

     You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  Assuming that you can is rank stupidity and results in environmental chaos in the schools.  The reason that so many of our public schools are chaotic and full of shit today is because legislators, policymakers, school board members, superintendents, educrats, and administrators actually and absurdly think that they can usher in “achievement” (if we deign to call increases on standardized test scores “achievement”) without respecting teachers and empowering them to do their jobs.  They threaten, intimidate, and generally treat teachers like dog shit in their quests to increase “achievement.”  This results is nothing more than a massive and wholesale systematic cheating on all scores and grades – not just on the standardized tests – and the lowering of academic standards and rigor throughout the corpus of American Public Education.  Demigods are put in positions of power, and they terrorize teachers on a daily basis, resulting in a large segment of the best and brightest leaving the teaching field.  When the teaching field once again becomes a profession, then these creative and energetic souls who refuse to be treated like dog shit may return.

When you treat teachers like dog shit, public education will carry the stench of dog shit.  Right now, sadly, public education is full of dog shit.  Everywhere you step, you step in this mess.  Those educational demigods who arrogantly traipse around public education seem to be immune from the smell.  They are oblivious to this cankering shit that is all over their metaphorical shoes – the same shoes that trample upon the dignity and humanity of the classroom educators, creating this massive mess.  By catering to the irate and irresponsible parents and by coddling their rude, defiant, and disruptive children, they have created horrid and unimaginative teaching conditions.  They have ignored MACE’s Law of Learning“You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.”  This is how they have wittingly or unwittingly created chaos in our public schools and most especially in our urban public schools.   © Big Daddy Publishers, May 23, 2014.

Why You Came To MACE! 

By Dr. John R. Alston Trotter and Norreese L. Haynes

     You didn’t come to MACE because we give you a tote bag or do spelling bees for the children or we sell you auto insurance at an alleged discount.  We don’t give out tote bags.  MACE has never put on a spelling bee contest for kids.  MACE doesn’t sell auto insurance.  Heck, MACE doesn’t even endorse any political candidates.  You vote like you want to vote.  MACE doesn’t care.  We in the MACE Office don’t even agree about political candidates or parties!  But, we do agree about this:  Teachers should be respected, esteemed, and supported by the administrators to do their jobs in the classroom.  We know that you cannot have good learning conditions until your first have good teaching conditions.  This is an inexorable law.  It can no more be set aside or ignored than the Law of Gravity.

You came to MACE because you are frustrated with how public school teachers are now blamed for all the ills in public education.  Students aren’t motivated to learn.  You are blamed.  Students are defiant and disruptive in the classroom.  You are blamed.  Parents are irate and irresponsible and frustrated with their own children’s lack of effort.  You are blamed.  In fact, you came to MACE because you are tired of being blamed by the angry and abusive administrators for the failure of the students who refuse to learn and who refuse to behave.  You are tired of being badgered and harassed by these angry, insecure, petty, ignorant, and abusive administrators.  We don’t blame you.  You came to the right organization.  You came to MACE.

MACE exists to protect and empower classroom educators…one member at a time.  You came to MACE because you have heard of the reputation of MACE.  You have heard that MACE doesn’t play, that MACE kicks metaphorical ass, and that MACE tightens up the mean-ass and petty administrators.  You have heard correctly.  You came to MACE because you know that better than any other organization in the State of Georgia, MACE is able to tighten up your angry and abusive administrator.  You know that there is not another union, organization, or association (or whatever you want to call it) for teachers in Georgia which is as effective as MACE in legally scaring the heck out of administrators who are already terrorizing you.  This is why you came to MACE.  You came to MACE because you are tired of being tired and tired of being afraid and tired of being frustrated.  You came to MACE because you want MACE to protect you, to empower you, and to scare the dog shit out of your abusive administrators.  Welcome to MACE!  © Big Daddy Publishers, 2014.

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