Atlanta Superintendent, Meria Carstarphen, in Apparent Panic Mode, Does What all Educational Sluts do…She Blames the Teachers for the Students’ Refusal to Learn!

The motivation to learn is a social process.  Atlanta’s superintendent, Meria Carstarphen, so typical of all ot these educational sluts who traipse all over the country jumping in and out of school board beds for more money, is blaming the Atlanta teachers for the students’ lack of home preparation to learn and the culturally-induced abject lack of motivation to learn.  This sophomoric notion that if the students aren’t learning (sufficiently, according to a norm-referenced test where, by definition, 50% of the students are “below average” and thus “failures”) is indicative of a complete ignorance to the dominant social factors which have a tremendous influence on a student’s motivation to learn.  The lack of learning in Atlanta is not a technical breakdown (ala “We need better teachers!”); rather, it is a motivational breakdown. 



     Quite frankly and bluntly, we need a better (and more motivated) class of students with more responsible parents.  The intractable problems with which the beleaguered and disemboweled teachers of Atlanta have to contend are unimaginable.  The last thing that they need is another educational slut playing to the peanut gallery, trying to save her own incompetent and clueless hide.  The Atlanta teachers need support and respect from this shallow superintendent.  The MACE Mantra which has never been successfully contradicted (because it is an inexorable principle of action or law):  You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.


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