Atlanta Superintendent, Meria Carstarphen, is New but Embattled and Still Catching Hell!

Atlanta.  Cheating, cheating, cheating.  Spending money, money, and money.  Nothing changes.  APS.  Always Pushing Shit.

APS - Atlantic Station 1

Last Monday, we went to the Central Office to meet with some people who could make things happen, but lo and behold!  Guess what?  One-thirty Trinity Avenue was virtually empty.  Yes, virtually empty.  The inhabitants were at The Twelve.

APS - Atlantic Station 2

We see that Arlanta’s new and already embattled superintendent, Meria Carstarphen, wants to abolish a large number of Music, Art, and P. E. positions but she still wants to have a three-day conference for 200 APS Central Office educrats at the swanky Twelve Hotel in the elite and private Atlantic Station.  APS’s administrative costs per student already overwhelmingly dwarf what other school systems pay out per student.  And for what?  Very underwhelming results, especially when you deduct the systematic cheating on the standardized tests and the systematic cheating on the scoring of grades and the systematic cheating of changing of permanent record grades, the latter of which is more pernicious and egregious than cheating on standardized tests.

APS - Atlantic Station 3

SSDS.  Same Shit.  Different Superintendent.

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2 Responses to Atlanta Superintendent, Meria Carstarphen, is New but Embattled and Still Catching Hell!

  1. Where do bureaucrats get the idea that The Public should serve them? APS educrats fete themselves at The Twelve in the hottest section of Hotlanta while Columbia County politicos splurge on $150 per person steak dinners at the Ruth Cris Steakhouse in Savannah. All “on the taxpayer dime.”

    Whatever happened to public service and public servants?

  2. Cap22 says:

    After reading about Carver High and grade changing and how Dr. Timothy Gadson (Associate Superintendent, who also came from Austin) handled the situation its safe to say that Carstarphen is more of the same.
    I wonder how long before she address Dr. Gadson behavior or will she try and sweep it under the rug.

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