Cheating is Rampant in our Schools!

Cheating is Rampant in our Schools!


School administrators have their heads up their asses when it comes to student-initiated cheating.  But, so often these days, the administrators themselves initiate and perpetrate the cheating, as brought out in the AJC article, the link of which is provided below.

     I see that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is highlighting an Atlanta school principal for changing permanent record grades. Really? Well, it happens virtually every day in Georgia! It’s the new normal. And, if a teacher complains, well, then, the teacher is booted out the door. You have to keep those parents happy.   You can’t send the kids home with a “F” on their report cards! Why…what are you thinking?

I just wrote an article the other day about grade changing. This is epidemic. Not just in the Atlanta Public Schools (APS). Administrators never want the students to get the failing grade that they earn because they refuse to do any academic work. These administrators demand that the teachers just change the grade to a passing grade. This is more egregious than cheating on a standardized test because this is a permanent record grade. This was the issue when we picketed at Druid Hills Middle School the other day. The APS Cheating Scandal was just the tip of the iceberg on cheating, especially in the large urban school systems. Across the board cheating is rampant. MACE has been dead-on on this issue for two decades.

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1 Response to Cheating is Rampant in our Schools!

  1. From “I will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do” to
    “if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying” and “everybody does it.”

    How did this regression proceed?

    What can teachers do to restore An Honor Code in Public Education?

    How does our profession regain its honor after years of acquiescing in dishonorable activities by our students, colleagues and administrators?

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