More to Come on the Growing Fiasco of the Mychele Rhodes Administration in McDuffie County!

     We do not generally publish anonymous comments (you know the ones with made-up names and made-up email addresses) but the one written, I believe, by an “Elvis in Kalamazoo” is so outlandish and scatological in its defense of the Mychele Rhodes Administration that it is quite humorous…and even informative about how these self-inflated educrats think.  I am still smiling.  I don’t know who wrote it.  Perhaps a sycophant at the Central Office…someone angling for another promotion.  Or, perhaps a relative wrote it.  Isn’t there another Dr. Rhodes working in the school system?  Yes, I think her husband — an erstwhile principal at Lakeside High School in Columbia County who apparently returned after a short stint there to become an assistant principal in McDuffie County — is under his wife’s direct employ.  So much for nepotism or something surely similar to it!  LOL!  No, this is not 2015.  This is still 1955.  Anyway, we plan to dissect this impertinent commentary to this humble blog sentence by sentence and shed the calcium light of truth upon it.  This ought to be a doozy!  Stay tuned!  This episodic adventure may prove to be more interesting and captivating than Peyton Place (for us old timers) or Dallas (for those a bit younger).

     Life is truly more fascination than fiction.  I couldn’t make this stuff up!  Yes, I know that I should have inserted the “up” between the “make” and the “this.”  But, hey, it sounds better the way that I wrote it.  Let’s just keep it real.  Let’s let it flow.  Let’s tell the truth and expose superficiality and pride and prejudice.  Let’s exclaim “No!” when something is just not right!  It’s just not right to try to get rid of the STAR Teacher.  This just doesn’t have the ring of truth.  It doesn’t pass the smell test.  And, guess what?  I know that it is not right to ignore — rather, to egregiously and flagrantly violate — the Georgia Law in the process (O. C. G. A. 20-2-940[g]).  A superintendent of schools who does not respect the law is a superintendent of schools who should no longer hold this position.  It is just this simple:  Rhodes Must Go!  No, Not Mr. O…but Rhodes Must Go!


The STAR Teacher at the Elections and Voters Registration Office in McDuffie County.  Maybe he should just run for the McDuffie County Board of Education, if Mychele Rhodes does not want him in the classroom and is apparently holding him out of the classroom indefinitely which the Georgia Statute does not allow (O. C. G. A. 20-2-940[g]).


These and other comments which had appeared on the school board’s Facebook page were apparently hastily taken down by the Mychele Rhodes Administration.


TV 6 News of Augusta has been inquiring into the story.  Here the Channel 6 News car is parked in front of Thomson High School.


Apparently, some of the students have become very creative.  The word on the street is that the students are overwhelmingly supportive of their “Captain.”  Shade of The Dead Poets Society.  Hmm.

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