We Warned Bermuda about Edmond Heatley! LOL!

On this very site, we warned the people of Bermuda that disaster would be forthcoming after they had hired erstwhile Clayton County, Georgia (and Chino Valley, California) superintendent, Edmond Heatley.  He apparently pissed off the people of Bermuda, a small island nation east of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean, when they found out that hardly three months into his superintendency in this country that Heatley has applied for the superintendency for the schools of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Heatley was not chosen to be the superintendent in New Orleans but he apparently raised the ire of the people of Bermuda.  In published accounts, an influential official in Bermuda apparently stated that had Heatley not offered his resignation, he would have been fired.  Heatley was hired in September of 2013 and resigned in early April of 2014 after a firestorm erupted about his applying for another job almost immediately after he had landed the job in Bermuda.

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Heatley’s stints as superintendent in Chino Valley, California and in Clayton County, Georgia were very controversial as well.  Heatley spent most of his time in the U. S. Army and only has two years of teaching experience.  He is apparently one of the people whom the controversial Broad Academy for Superintendents push.  He’s not the only controversial and strong-arm superintendent who is a product billionaire Eli Broad’s institute.



Apparently, Heatley is back in Compton, California, and the controversy keeps following him.  Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates, a so-called “search” firm is apparently helping Heatley to land these jobs.  We call these firm “pimps.”  Look at what the article below says about the application that Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates apparently submitted for Edmond Heatley to the New Orleans school system.


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