MACE Took Care of Business Recently in Elbert County!

Recently a MACE Squad showed at the Elbert County Board of Education meeting.  The squad displayed picket signs in the meeting room (without obstructing anyone’s vision).  When the meeting adjourned, Chairman Ben Baker inquired of the group, wanting to know what was going on.  This was all the invitation that Dr. John Trotter needed!  He proceeded to lecture Chairman Ben Baker and the Elbert County Board of Education about the board’s rogue practices.  Two law enforcement officers looked on as well as a reporter from The Elberton Star, who also wrote an article in the newspaper that week about this eventful evening at the Elbert County Board of Education after-meeting.  After the excitement at school board meeting room, the MACE Squad enjoyed the evening at a local Mexican restaurant where they were joined by former Elbert County teacher, Mr. Jeremy Partain.  Some of the  patrons at the restaurant seemed to want to chatter about what had happened earlier in the evening at the school board meeting room.

Elbert County 2 

Elbert County 1


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