Robert Avossa and David Lewis Have Been Added to Superintendent Clowns of America! Congratulations!

Two young upstart superintendents in Georgia, Robert Avossa of Fulton County, and David Lewis of Muscogee County, have been added to this illustrious group of clowns, the Superintendent Clowns of America.  Both of these young bucks, who had not yet earned their doctorates (but were both working on them from small colleges), were hired upon the recommendation of school board attorney Glenn Brock who holds himself out as a “search firm,” though he only gives the school boards one finalist.  These two men apparently came from the Eli Broad Superintendents Academy (or “Superintendents Brothel,” as Dr. John Trotter calls it!).  They, though their lack of depth and experience, are hired upon the recommendation of Glenn Brock (who also seems to land a job and keep a job as school board attorney among the respective school boards).  Avossa pushed for the Fulton School System to be a system-wide charter system.  Lewis has done the same thing in the Muscogee County School District.  The teachers were already being treated like dog shit in these school systems; now, they were be treated even worse, especially without the regular due process rights under the Georgia Law being jettisoned.

Avossa and Lewis, no doubt, know that they are blessing those who blessed them.  Eli Broad (and Bill Gates) are pushing very hard for the entire country to have school systems which are system-wide charter and for teachers to be evaluated based on the scores of their students on some damnable standardized test (old fashioned “merit pay” or “value-added” evaluations).  Yes, Avossa and Lewis seem to be dutiful acolytes to Eli and Edyth Broad and to Bill and Melinda Gates.  Now you know the rest of the story!

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