MACE on Spring Picketing Offensive!

MACE has been on a Spring Picketing Offensive!  Exposing situations is often the most effective disinfectant.  LOL!  And, believe me, the teachers love it!  I might not be able to recall off the top of my head now (and I am in a hurry because MACE has another picket today!) but I can remember yesterday’s at Oakview Elementary School, Indian Creek Elementary School, Chapel Hill Middle School’ and Lithonia Middle School in DeKalb County, Hope-Hill Elementary School and Harper-Archer Middle School in Atlanta, Central High School in Bibb,  and Banneker High School in Fulton County.  The Hew Haw school board in Henry County got a wake-up call today!

Matthew to picket

Matthew Trotter getting  ready for the Indian Creek Elementary (DeKalb) picket.

Indian Creek Picket

A very lively MACE picket in front of Indian Creek Elementary School in DeKalb.


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1 Response to MACE on Spring Picketing Offensive!

  1. Cedric says:

    Efrem Yarber was removed as Principal of Central High School and moved back to Union Elementary School as Principal (where all his drama began)

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