Educational Disaster Pending in Bermuda: Edmond Heatley is Named Commissioner of Education. LOL!

We actually had heard that the little Caribbean country of Bermuda had a pretty good public education system.  Not for long.  Somehow Edmond Heatley, that erstwhile superintendent of Chino Valley Schools in California and the Clayton County Public Schools of Clayton County, Georgia, was named Commissioner of Education for Bermuda.  Is Bermuda that desperate?  Heatley says in a published report that his goals will be openness and transparency.  Well, if this is so, then it will be a first time for these attributes, in our opinion.


Sgt. Edmond Heatley

We believe that Edmond Heatley, who only taught school for two years before attending Eli Broad’s “Brothel for Educational Sluts” (Superintendents Academy), will be, in our estimate, a complete disaster.  These people of Bermuda just thought that they knew something about hurricanes.  This is the season, isn’t it?  Hold onto your hats…Hurricane Eddie is beginning to swirl over the deep.

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16 Responses to Educational Disaster Pending in Bermuda: Edmond Heatley is Named Commissioner of Education. LOL!

  1. Thomas Routson says:

    Hmm. My company is based in Bermuda as are a number of insurance companies. If the executives are sending their kids to public schools (doubtful) they won’t tolerate this clown for long.

    • Just me. says:

      Tom, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Bermuda had hired Heatley. But, this kind of swapping around of these appointed superintendents is what I write about. I call them “educational sluts.” He attended Eli Broad’s Superintendents Academy. Eli Broad is one of members of the Billionaires’ Club (along with Bill Gates and others) who are attempting to take over public education. They are philanthropic vultures. I called Broad’s Academy “the brothel,” the place where he trains these “educational sluts” who hop from one school board bed to the next. John.

  2. oldplanner says:

    He was rumored to be the next Superintendent for the Santa Ana School District in California. His close colleague Stephanie Phillips ( also from Clayton) was selected as the CBO for the district a few months ago and Heatley is well known by outgoing Supt. Thelma Martinez de santa ana. She by the way is on loan from Los Angeles USD to new mayor Eric Garcetti as his Deputy for Education. She wanted to be hired by LAUSD to make sure she earned further retirement credits as the City will pay LAUSD her salary + benefits. Heatley, Martinez and LAUSD Supt. Deasy are all from the famous Broad Academy!

    • Just me. says:

      I do remember Phillips when she was in Clayton County with Heatley. As you may know, I call Broad’s Superintendent Academy “the brothel,” which trains these “educational sluts” who are willing to traipse all over the country, jumping from one school board bed to the next, depending on the money offered. It is shameful.

      You may want to read our take on these “educational sluts” at

      Thanks for writing, John.

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  4. Young Bermudian says:

    This appointment has completely blindsided the Bermudian public and smells of an internal scandal. We have a British based curriculum, so an appointment of an American educator baffles the majority of folks here. This commissioner will be watched very closely….

    • Just me. says:

      Edmond Heatley was probably recommended by the Broad Institute. He attended the Broad Institute’s Superintendents Academy. Those attended this academy have proven to be disasters all over the United States. Eli Broad is a member of the Billionaires Club, composed of those philanthropic vultures who have determined that they will re-invent American education into their own images. Bill and Melinda Gates and the Waltons are also members. The emphases of this club are standardized tests, charter schools, vouchers, merit pay for teachers tied to the scores of the students on standardized tests, and organizational upheaval. They are big on getting rid of current staff members and bringing in new “gurus.” They close schools right an left. Heatley is a disciple of this school. He will, unlike he’s gone through some metamorphosis, leave Bermuda in shreds. Pay attention to what this blog says about the Broadies.

    • If this Young Bermudian is so astute, what’ wrong with this committee. The FIRST criteria for the Commissioner should have been familiarity with our stated goals — The Cambridge Curriculum. It seems that their first choose had to be a man of colour. The islands to the south could have offered a less controversial Black man.
      Two years in the class room ! Still a rookie ! Does not qualify one for a principal ship! !

      • Just me. says:

        Shirley: You say “this Young Bermudian.” You are not referencing Eddie Heatley, are you? I think that he was born in the States. But, yes, I don’t think that he has any familiarity with much except top-down, heavy-handed, and inconsistent “management,” much less The Cambridge Curriculum. I think that what you have is an “Educational Slut” who was trained at “the Broad Brothel for Superintendents” and is willing to hop in one school board bed after the next, depending on which school board pays him and how much.

  5. Young Blood says:

    Are you still working in Clayton? I’m interested in meeting other educators in the area who want to see some real improvements with the district and the students.

  6. Albert Shanker says:

    Always interesting to watch the “mobbing” efforts by the wannabe union thugs from Georgia. The fact Heatley never entertained you or even acknowledged you during his tenure in Georgia appears to been sufficient for you to launch this ongoing personal vendetta.

    One can only hope the citizens of Georgia maintain the status quo and never allow teacher unions to gain the stranglehold on state government and local school boards they have in other parts of the country.

    • Just me. says:

      “AL”: I think that you may have gotten that turned around. LOL! We picketed the Clayton County Board of Education about its impending vote for Edmond Heatley and the future disaster for Clayton County that it portended. This was covered heavily in the Atlanta media, including television. I knew that Heatley was going to be a disaster, which he was, because he had been a disaster in Chino Valley, California too. Clayton County was listening to a “Pimp” (as I called these so-called superintendents “search” men) and voting out of ignorance. All they had to do is a little Google or Bing search on Heatley, and they could have realized that they were about to get Chino Valley’s “reject.” Same thing for the folks in Bermuda. Wow, it’s interesting that Heatley apparently had to leave the U. S. A. to secure another educational post similar to a superintendency.

      I think that perhaps Heatley and the sidekick Phillips may now regret that the Heatley Administration apparently just chose to ignore Georgia’s Complaints Law (O.C.G.A. 20-2-989.5 et seq.) for certificated school employees. But, hey, what did we really expect? This cat only talk school for two years. LOL! He’s a “Broadie,” from what I understand, though I have never seen him on the Broad website. Maybe he didn’t graduate from “Broad’s brothel” (as I call Eli Broad’s “Superintendents Academy” which sends out “educational sluts” throughout the country, and, in this case, into another country). I am sorry for your apparent bitterness. You might want to check the old phone logs. I never once attempted to sick down with Heatley to talk to him. It’s the other unions who seem to like genuflecting and kissing up. Not MACE. By the way, I have know about a dozen superintendents in Clayton County. I must say that, in my opinion, Edmond Heatley was by far the most disliked by the employees. There was some celebratin’ and high-fivin’ when he resigned.

  7. What are all you tricks doing to help improve Clayton County Schools other than launching this ongoing personal vendetta against Dr. Heatley?

    • Just me. says:

      No vendetta at all, Dewayne. Personally, I hardly ever even think of the man. As for Clayton County, someone actually called me today about lending a little help. The gentleman stated, “I guess you heard about the huge crowd that showed up at the Clayton County Board of Education meeting.” I stated, “No. I don’t keep up with Clayton County.” And I don’t. I have lived outside of Clayton County nearly five years now. I am in Newnan, when I am not living in Brazil. I am currently in Brazil and usually stay here three to five months out of the years. We have one book which will be published in about three months (about 400 pages of politically incorrect non-fiction on public education). I encourage you to buy it and read it. There might be a few morsels in there about Heatley and Clayton County. Other than that, I don’t really think about the man. Isn’t he in another country? By the way, we have a political fiction coming out this year as well. It is based in Mississippi, Atlanta, and Brazil. Dewayne, have a good day! Cheers! John Trotter.

  8. Renee says:

    Not to be petty, but Bermuda is not a part of the Caribbean, we are in the North Atlantic Ocean,

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