MACE is Different than Other Georgia Teacher Unions!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

       Sometimes people ask me what is the difference in MACE and the other teacher unions in Georgia.  They ask:  “What can MACE do for a teacher that the other teacher unions don’t do?”  These are fair questions, and I have been answering them for the last 18 years.  So, let me offer the following thoughts for those teachers who may be new to Georgia.

John Trotter with full beard

Dr. John Trotter, circa 2003.

The mantra at MACE is simple and direct:  You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  We have found that not a single politician, policy-maker, educrat, school board member, or snoopervising administrator can dispute this mantra, but like mindless boobs they continue to try to improve public education by attacking classroom educators.  This is indeed mindless and unconscionable.  At MACE, we don’t play.  We devour petty, insecure, myopic, and angry administrators who abuse teachers.

I remember when we founded MACE in 1995 that the administrators were immediately afraid of MACE.  There was an attorney for the DeKalb County Board of Education who stated:  “MACE terrorizes the principals!”  We are now completing our 18th year, and our message has not changed one scintilla.  We continue to legally terrorize those administrators who seem to gleefully terrorize teachers.  Once these abusive administrators find out that the teacher is a MACE Member, they suddenly change their direction.  We say:  “They suddenly get religion.”  Although our membership is strictly confidential, there comes a time when you want your administrator to know that you are a Member of MACE and are protected by MACE!

The other organizations (AFT, GAE, PAGE) talk a good game, but their walk is different from their talk.  In Georgia, everyone knows that the most aggressive and feared teachers union is MACE, by far.  One of our aggressive attorneys just defended a MACE Member in Hart County and kicked ass for her.  In fact, Vivian Morgan, the reporter for the Hartwell Sun newspaper, called me and stated:  “Lowell Chatham [the MACE attorney] was phenomenal!”  The teacher still has her job.  MACE Attorney Chatham also recently defended a Clayton County teacher in a four-day hearing.  The teacher won his case and is still teaching in Clayton CountyMACE protects and empowers classroom educators…one MACE Member at a time.

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2 Responses to MACE is Different than Other Georgia Teacher Unions!

  1. Debra Houston says:

    I am an abused and bullied teacher from Montgomery County MD. I received no help from my union MCEA (Montgomery Educators Association). My represenative met with me and my principal and said she was allowed to do these things. I have been out on sick leave since October 2012. On May 13th 2013, 6 teachers from Kemp Mill Elementary School in Montgomery County MD are suing their principal and the school system. (You can follow this case at They too have had no help from the union. How can MACE come to Montgomery County MD? There must be a way to save teachers from this horrible treatment.
    I have exhausted my appeal process. At every level of my appeal the school system refused to address the toxic environment. When the appeal reached the Board of Education they refused to discuss the environment because it had not been discussed at previous levels. Because I was never officially terminated I was not permitted an open hearing or allowed to attend the BOE hearing. The BOE was only given a summary of my complaint which of course left out key information.

    Thank you,

    D. Houston

    • Just me. says:

      Dear Debra: Quite frankly, I don’t know when MACE will venture into other states. Most recently, we have been urged to go to South Carolina. But, others from as far away as California, New York and Ohio have asked MACE to send in troops into those states. Naturally, we have had inquiries from other nearby states as well, including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

      I am sorry to hear of your and other teachers’ plights in Maryland. It sounds like Maryland is certainly another state that needs MACE. We will definitely keep your contact information on file in case MACE ventures out near the nation’s capital. You can keep up with MACE by viewing its website at

      Thanks for writing,

      John Trotter.

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