Dr. John Trotter’s MACE Memo Captured! Dr. Trotter: “I have been caught!”

What Does MACE Do?

Anyone Who Wants to Work with MACE Needs to Know What MACE Does.

1.  Kicks the administrators’ asses (via pickets, letters/rebuttals, grievances, hearings, web site, internet, false arrests, etc.). 

2.  Calms & Comforts the teachers (telephone counseling, appointments, meetings, interventions, teacher rights seminars, etc.).

3.  Protects the teachers (see numbers 1 and 2).

4.  Empowers the teachers (see numbers 1 and 2).

5.  Keeps receiving the teachers’ gratitude, loyalty, and membership fees – and the MACE membership remains strictly confidential.

     Number 5 will always work sufficiently when we take care of numbers 1 through 4.  Today is different from 1995 when MACE was launched.  MACE needs to focus more on the new social media (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to keep teachers informed about what MACE does.  In addition to social media, MACE needs to continue to communicate with its teacher-members and teachers in general on the streets, through the U. S. Mail, and on the MACE website.

Never mistake this:  Teachers only join MACE because they perceive that MACE kicks ass.  Tote bags and spelling bees are not desired.

MACE Mantra:  MACE Devours Administrators Who Abuse Teachers!

MACE Theory:  You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  Teachers just want to teach.

MACE Commitment:  MACE does NOT leave the teachers hanging but aggressively fights for their protection and empowerment…one member at a time.


The above MACE Memo was captured!

 Explanation of the Above MACE Memo

 By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD, Chairman of the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE)

     Yes, I have been caught.  The memo that I wrote for those MACE staffers and associates and would-be staffers and associates has seen the light of day.  Ha!  It was captured on the almighty iPhone and is now on the internet.  Goodness gracious.  What has this world come to?  Nothing seems private anymore!

John Trotter caught

Dr. John Trotter is the culprit of the controversial memo.  Caught on camera!

     In all seriousness, I was thinking today that I would just distill in a short memo for all of us to cogitate upon why MACE exists.  Quite frankly, if the snarky, petty, small-minded, angry, and many times abusive administrators just started to treat teachers professionally and with dignity, then MACE would go by the wayside.  MACE would have no reason to exist.  MACE is an antidote to the short-sighted and rather incompetent administrators who often “grace” our public schools today.  They operate on wrong theory about how to get the best out of teachers.  They are erroneously thinking that if you ride-herd on the teachers in a top-down, heavy-handed management style, then the teachers will suddenly snap into gear and perform miracles with students who often are simply lazy, defiant, disruptive, and have no desire to learn.  They falsely assume that the reason the students are not learning is because teachers are not effectively teaching.

Teachers teach the students, not learn the students.  This is even bad grammar.  Ha!  A great criminal lawyer can defend an accused murderer but he or she cannot acquit the accused.  A medical doctor can treat a patient but he or she cannot heal the patient, especially if the patients insists on smoking three packs of unfiltered Pall Mall cigarettes each day and insists on consuming ten sugar-laden soft drinks and eating loads of hydrogenated oils each day.  The arteries are going to be clogged up no matter what the physician does.  A dentist can treat and counsel a young kid about dental care and hygiene but if the kid insists on eating nothing but sweets and refuses to brush his or her teeth, rotten teeth are on the way…no matter what the dentist does or says.  Why is it that we understand this with respect to the above professions but refuse to even consider this when it comes to teachers teaching and students learning?


We haven’t met an administrator yet who likes a picket!

     MACE simply attempts to protect and empower the teachers to do their jobs, viz., teach the students each day…without interruptions from administrators and disruptions from students, threats from administrators, parents, and children, and insulting snoopervision from these so-called administrators who don’t have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot.  Yes, MACE does hold dearly to its founding theory that you cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.   No one even attempts to dispute or contradict this MACE Law of Teaching, but the educrats, non-educator educational think tank wonks, superintendents, school board members, and superintendents keep hammering away at the teachers as if the teachers are the problems in public education.  They are not.  The three main problems with public education, as MACE has stated for years, are: (1) Defiant and Disruptive Students; (2) Irate and Irresponsible Parents; and (3) Angry and Abusive Administrators.  If you want a complete grand slam of problems, then thrown in (4) Systematic Cheating on standardized exams and regular grades (as administrators put inordinate pressure on teachers to change grades and not fail those students who refuse to do any work).  MACE has never intended to be politically correct.  MACE just tells the truth, and we at MACE try to speak so that we are not misunderstood.

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