Things Get “Curiouser and Curiouser” in Macon Town! Romain Dallemand Must Go!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

Well, well, well…The drama continues in Macon, Georgia, home of the lovely cherry blossoms and home of the nightmarish so-called “Macon Miracle” of  Romain Dallemand, the ever controversial and ineffective superintendent.  Last night, the school board continued its four to four split votes on whether or not Dallemand has support from the school board.  He was seen by MACE picketers leaving the building with security in tow.  How much longer will Dallemand last in Macon?

MACE was there to picket the latest flap over Dallemand’s contract which appeared to change…rather suddenly and mysteriously.  The contract which had been approved by the school board does not appear to be the same contract which Dallemand signed.  The contract which Dallemand signed appears to be one that was beefed up in benefits for him.  So far, a law suit on the matter is in Bibb County Superior Court.  MACE had signs which read:  “Dallemand Must Go!”  “Dallemand and his Macon Nightmare Must Go!”  “Fraudulent Contract?”  “Contract Switcheroo?” and “Bibb Students & Teachers Deserve Better!”

This was MACE’s first live international hook up.  On the picket line in Macon, the MACE picketers were connected to me via Skype all the way down here in Brazil!  I witnessed the picket, and the picketers could see me.  We were writing back and forth.  It looked cold down there!  So this Bibb picket was MACE’s first Bi-continental Picket!  The Bibb Bi-continental Picket will go down in MACE’s folklore.  Hopefully, it will contribute a little to Dallemand’s departure.  This was MACE’s second picket in Macon this year to be covered by the local media, including the TV media.

In today’s Macon Telegraph, it looks like there has already been major talks about buying out Romain Dallemand’s contract.  What a complete failure and disaster he has been!  MACE was right again about another Clown of a Superintendent!

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11 Responses to Things Get “Curiouser and Curiouser” in Macon Town! Romain Dallemand Must Go!

  1. Anonymous by necessity says:

    Thank you, MACE, for coming here and for understanding that our local teachers would have been blackballed by being in that line. This superintendent truly is that retaliatory. Teachers speaking out on behalf of teachers. That sure makes us proud! Thank you, sister and brother teachers!

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      You are so welcome! We want to help all that we can in making sure that Mr. Dallemand goes back to Rochester, Minnesota or Miami, Florida or wherever…as long s he leaves Macon! I think that Macon’s own, Otis Redding, may refer to him as “Ole Man Trouble”! Ha! Hang in there, and MACE will be with you all the way!

      • Minnesota Anonymous says:

        Rochester, MN is not interested in having Mr. Dallemand move back. Given the difficulties he had during his tenure as Rochester Superintendent, it was surprising that Macon hired him.

      • thegeorgiacitizen says:

        M. A., school boards never cease to amaze me! They are always looking for a “savior,” and if an educational charlatan arrives with enough chutzpah to claim to have a “Macon Miracle,” they fall for it — without even doing due diligence in investigating this new false messiah!

      • Minnesota Anonymous says:

        Many In Rochester have been following with interest Dallemand’s time in Macon, in light of what happened here. Dallemand’s replacement in Rochester is a strong leader and a true advocate for education. I hope that will be Macon’s future, as well.

  2. Cedric says:

    Bibb County commissioner calls for federal probe of school system

  3. Jane doe says:

    Rochester doesn’t want him back! We love our new superintendent! We do feel for our colleagues in Georgia! Stand strong! This too shall pass!

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