MACE Pickets Gwinnett and Fulton Central Offices…Against Gwinnett’s Frances Davis and Eric Parker and Against Fulton’s Ron Wade and Robert Avossa!

November and December were busy months for the MACE Picket Squad.  The person who seems to draw the most attention is Eric Parker, the Shiloh High School principal in Gwinnett County.  We understand that on the day that MACE picketed Mr. Parker and Gwinnett’s Human Resources Chief, Frances Davis, in front of the Central Office, there were, according to one estimate, up to 30 parents at the Gwinnett County Board of Education from Shiloh who were apparently there to express their displeasure with the leadership (or non-leadership) of Principal Parker.

Gwinnett’s Eric Parker and Frances Davis must go!

     Robert Avossa, the rather new, young, and inexperienced superintendent brought in recently to Fulton County perhaps is learning that supporting Human Resources Chief Ron Wade may bring him more headaches than he anticpated.  Beside having apparently insulted the Fulton County teachers recently with some rather condescending comments, Mr. Wade is known for simply disregarding the State’s Certified Employees’ Grievance Law (O.C.G.A. 20-2-989.5 et seq.).  If Avossa cannot command that Ron Wade abide by this law, then Avossa himself must go!  Or, is it Avossa telling Wade not to adhere to the law?  Or, is it that law firm in Marietta, Brock & Clay, advising young Mr. Avossa that his administration doesn’t need to adhere to this very simple and straight forrward law?  After all, it is this same law firm which was advising the Cobb County Board of Education when it admittedly held 57 illegal school board meetings.  Hmm.  Hey, Avossa, if Glenn Brock or whoever is advisisng you that you can dismiss grievances without hearing them, then perhaps you ought to dismiss this person or firm for giving wrong legal advice.

Fulton’s Ron Wade and Robert Avossa need to follow the Georgia Grievance Law for Certified Employees.

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