Let the Battle of Shiloh Begin in Earnest!

I’ve got a few scores to settle when I get back to the States.  Lord willing, we will commence The Battle of Shiloh in earnest when I return.  The MACE Picket Squad hit Shiloh High School recently, but sometimes, it appears that administrators might just “learn dumber,” as we call it at MACE.  Oooooohhhhhhhhhh…when this happens, my blood starts boiling.  We always keep it legal.  After all, we’re not thugs and hoodlums.  We believe in the Constitution…and we believe in protecting our teacher-members.  I’m like Mr. T…I pity the fool who thnks that he or she can mess with a MACE member and get by with it.  Nah…a day of reckoning will have to take place.  No threats.  No bodily harm.  No illegal activities at all.  Just focus.  Shiloh High School, the eyes of MACE are upon you.

There is a reason that the symbol of MACE is the Lion.  The Lion is the King of the Jungle, and there isn’t a piss-ant principal or superintendent in this great State of Georgia whom MACE has even a scintilla of fear; to the contrary, they have a healthy fear of MACE.  MACE doesn’t do Spelling Bee Contests nor does MACE give Tote Bags to its members.  MACE protects and empowers Classroom Educators…one Member at a time.

In these last 18 years, I look back on the foolhardy principals and superintendents who thought that they were tougher than MACE.  I look back and smile…actually, I laugh a little.  I can reel off war story after war story all over the State of Georgia about how some foolhardy administrator thought that he or she was going to “stand up to MACE,” when in fact MACE was the one fighting for the right, advocating for the abused and downtrodden, and exposing the unprofessional or unethical conduct.  We don’t take it lightly when some neophyte or jackanape thinks that he or she is so high and mighty.  Oh how the “mighty” fall.  I have seen them tuck their tails and get religion real quick-like.  I have seen them change their tune and start sining from a different hymnal.  I have seen them be moved and moved quickly.

The teachers have to have a voice.  They have to have an advocate.  They have to have a group that eat nails for breakfast and is full of piss and vinegar!  In Georgia (and in other states too!), teachers have to have a friend, someone whom they can count on and someone on whom they can trust.  Teachers don’t have many friends here in Georgia…just the Good Lord Himself, Walmart, and MACE.

jtlaughingWe’re looking forward to the Battle of Shiloh!

MACE looks forward to The Battle of Shiloh!  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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