Three Cartoons That Say A Lot!

In the Muscogee County School District, the educrats who traipsed into the schools from the Distict Office to tell the principal and teachers what they were doing wrong were called “Consultants.”  My father, who defended and protected his teachers, called them “Insultants.”  Ha!
When Albert Einstein was young and in the first few years of schooling, this genius was thought to be retarded.  I wonder how he would have fared on the stupid standardized tests which have become the false gods of public education?  These tests probably would have done wonders for snuffing out his genius!  Ha!
Kids do indeed say the most interesting things!  Perhaps it’s this unconditional love that a dog gives that makeshim/her “a person’s best friend.”  What if we had locked out friend or business associate or spouse in the trunk of a car?  Ha!  See what happens when we let them out!  But with a dog, the dog would get out of the car and start licking your face all over!  Ha!
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