Most School Superintendents Are Jackasses! They Expect Their Asses to be Kissed!

John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     One thing that I have learned for certain while representing teachers since the 1980s (and even before this) is that most school system superintendents (at least the appointed ones) are complete jackasses.  They are caught up in their self-perceived importance.  Just jackasses.  I presume that since they apparently had to kiss so much ass to get to the point that other educrats and naïve school board members would even consider appointing them to the superintendency that they think that thi same ass-kissing is owed to them.  After all, this is how it works, right?  The public schooling process is one large royal ass-kissing.

Sometimes you just have to kick a jackass in the ass!

     Sometimes, I have administrators ask me, “Why don’t you just sit down and talk with Dr. ____________?”  I replay, “Why?”  I don’t need to talk to these jackasses; perhaps they need to talk to me.  Ha!  I don’t need them.  I will never go to them with my hat in my hand, so to speak.  This is what they want because they think that they have finally arrived.  I don’t whisper in the ears of delusional (about their own importance or greatness) superintendents. Most of these appointed superintendents traipse around the country like they are Gypsies.  They are so money-motivated that they will up-and-leave any school system like they are educational sluts.  (Look at Edmond Heatley and how fast he was trying to get out of town when it looked like he was getting an offer for another job in Berkeley, California.  By the way, I notice that the newspapers out in California keep quoting me about Heatley.  See one link below.)

This is how appointed superintendents deal with school disciplinary problems.

Nah, folks, you know that I just tell you the truth.  Appointed superintendents act like jackasses.  I don’t have time to play with them; I just kick their metaphorical asses. © GTSO, September 12, 2012.

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3 Responses to Most School Superintendents Are Jackasses! They Expect Their Asses to be Kissed!

  1. IamWolfen says:

    It will be really interesting to watch the news and comments when the people realize what Heatley really is all about. Just seems people never learn. We are stuck with Dallemand in Bibb, and yet simple research shows everything we really needed to know. And yet, he was hired anyway, and everything has gone down hill since. Our news is full of school discipline articles that have come out this past week, and yet the circus continues. Dallemand and his minions really like Clayton Cty, and frequently quote their district as ‘inspiration’…go figure. But many of us are wide awake and fully aware…just not enough to make a damn difference. The illiterate, ignorant zombies love their clown savior, and they make their Xs on the ballot as told to. Voices crying out in the wilderness are not being heard, much less heeded. All we can do is take care of our own.

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