Where is Heatley Going? No One Seems To Know. This is Strange. We Don’t Think That it was a Happy Departure!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     There’s seems to be silence about the future of embattled and soon-to-be-gone Edmond Heatley.  His days are literally numbered in Clayton County.  MACE, of course, was Heatley’s greatest critic, even before the Clayton County Board of Education voted to bring him to Clayco.  We spoke out strongly against the school board hiring him, and this was covered widely in the electronic and print media.  MACE criticized the Heatley Administration about its apparent cavalier attitude toward the rights of teachers protected by the Georgia Statutory Code and the Georgia and U. S. Constitutions.  The Sick Leave Law, the Grievance Law, etc., was trampled upon by this notorious Heatley Administration whose leaders were interlopers from California.

MACE’s Norreese Haynes asked the Clayton School Board, “What’s Wrong with Dr. Sam King?”  No, this Board Listened Education Attorney Glenn Brock.  Pitiful.

     We had urged the Clayton County Board of Education to hire Dr. Sam King, the  then Rockdale County Superintendent.  This myopic school board didn’t listen to us, but listened to education attorney Glenn Brock who had a track record for recommending hapless superintendents (always just one, not a slate to choose from).  The very next year, Dr. Sam King was named by the State’s superintendents’ organization and the Georgia School Board Association as Georgia’s Superintendent of the Year!  How pitiful the Clayton County Board of Education looked.  It could have hired Dr. King (yes, he wanted to come “home,” so to speak) but this visionless school board actually hired a “problem-child” from Chino Valley, California.  Why?  I am sure because Glenn Brock apparently called the folks at the Broad Foundation for a recommendation.

Today, this blog actually broke the story about Edmond Heatley’s impending departure.  We have been keeping you informed about Heatley and his maneuverings, and we will continue to do so.  We find the silence about Heatley’s future to be thunderous.  This thunderous silence usually bespeaks that perhaps the departing superintendent hasn’t landed another position yet.  We will see.

The Clayton News/Daily called me today about the Heatley situation.  Here is an article that they later wrote today, quoting me in it as a severe critic of Edmond Heatley.


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5 Responses to Where is Heatley Going? No One Seems To Know. This is Strange. We Don’t Think That it was a Happy Departure!

  1. Craig Spinks says:

    Get, Edmond, get.

    Go, John, go.

  2. IamWolfen says:

    Oh for the day when we can celebrate the departure of Romaine Dallemond in Bibb County, as well. We will be watching the ongoing saga in Clayton County, too.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Romain Dallemand Must Go Too! Both he and Clayton’s Heatley were named to Superintendent Clowns of America. Other illustrious members are Atlanta’s Beverly Hall, Hart County’s Jerry Bell, and DeKalb County’s Crawford Lewis. They keep failing one by one. I love helping bring down these arrogant and benighted boobs who appear to have kissed their way up the corporate ladder to become superintendents, apparently intent on inflicting stress on those who don’t kiss up to them.

  3. Craig Spinks says:

    How ’bout our cooperating in the orchestration of the departures of some of these numerous, indolent, spineless, greedy school board attorneys who leech sizeable amounts of scarce funds from our kids and their teachers?

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