Heatley’s Back! We Hear That Hart County’s Rob Brown Is Trying To Become Superintendent In Jeff Davis County. Is This True? MACE Associates Score Big Victories On Tuesday Night! It’s A Great Country, Isn’t It?

by John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

Yes, we hear that Superintendent Edmond Heatley was actually at the Clayton County Board of Education meeting on Monday night, though one board member tells us that she hadn’t seen him in weeks.  So, it’s official folks.  Heatley is back in town.

Meantime, we hear that Rob Brown, principal of Hart County High School and working with ole Jerry Bell, is in the running to be superintendent of Jeff Davis County High School.  Hmm.  Now if I were on that school board, I would not cast a vote for Mr. Brown to be the new superintendent.  I have my reasons.  Yes, I do, and I may share them on this forum soon.  Nothing illegal or immoral.  I just don’t think that he would be a good superintendent, and if his superintendent-mentor is Jerry Brown, I think that this does not bode well either.  Yes, these guys and gals want the big bucks and the big perks, but I wonder if they also want the big criticism.  Hmm.

Representative Darryl Jordan

In personal matters, I only got heavily involved in a couple of political campaigns this season (different than other years – like in 2002 when I did 13 campaigns), but we won both of these heated contests in an impressive fashion.  Representative Darryl Jordan (D – Riverdale/Jonesboro) beat back a challenge from the six-year Chairman of the Clayton County Democratic Party, Kevin Thomas, defeating him 56% to 44%.  Thomas ran a tough race himself and appeared to be well-financed.  Representative Jordan, a MACE Member from the very beginning, is, in my opinion, the strongest public school advocate in the General Assembly since he upset long-term and strongly entrenched incumbent Jimmy Benefield in 2000.  Representative Jordan is a retired classroom educator in Georgia, and his entire family are/were Georgia educators (wife, parents, and all three siblings).

The Ramay message resonated with the voters!

Down in South Georgia, my good friend and attorney who serves as Of Counsel for MACE, J. Anderson (Andy) Ramay, Jr., took on the Chairman of the Jeff Davis Board of Education.  Andy had great support in the community where he grew up and graduated from high school before earning an undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech and a law degree from Mercer University.  Andy’s parents are career classroom educators in Jeff Davis County and have been long-time Members of MACE.  Andy and his wife Shemane (and son Trey) put in many, many hours along with their family and friends to pull off this tremendous upset.   Attorney Ramay will serve on a five-person school board.  He bested the incumbent Chairman of the Board of Education by 56% to 44%.

Disclosure:  MACE does not endorse political candidates of any kind, does not give them money, and does not promote them during their campaigns, but, as a personal matter, I sometimes exercise my rights of the U. S. and Georgia Constitutions to personally get involved in some campaigns.  It’s a great county, ain’t it?  Ha!

ALERT:  Just found out that Rob Brown has actually been offered the supe job by the Jeff Davis County Board of Education.  Well, well, well.  If the young Mr. Brown expects Attorney Ramay to be a “yes” man, he might be sorely disappointed.  Hmm.



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2 Responses to Heatley’s Back! We Hear That Hart County’s Rob Brown Is Trying To Become Superintendent In Jeff Davis County. Is This True? MACE Associates Score Big Victories On Tuesday Night! It’s A Great Country, Isn’t It?

  1. Linda Vickery says:

    I would like to know more about Rob Brown’s new position as Jeff Davis County’s superintendent. He whizzed through Hart County High School for one year and totally disrupted the moral of Hart County teachers and has attempted to totally destroy one fine teacher at Hart County High School. He hasn’t succeeded, but being the vicious human being that he, he hasn’t given up yet. But since he’s spending all his time in Jeff Davis County now (while still under contract as Hart County High School principal until mid-October) he hasn’t had much time to continue to harrass this fine Hart County teacher.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Linda, I am defintely not impressed with Rob Brown — not at all. But, when you gets down to Jeff Davis County, he will have to deal with Attorney Andy Ramay, one of my good friends and a MACE attorney (“Of Counsel” status). I just helped Mr. Ramay in his campaign for the school board. Mr. Ramay beat the Chairman of the Jeff Davis County Board of Education (a five person school board).

      I am even less impressed with this joke of a superintendent in Hart County, Jerry Bell. Jerry Bell did not even send a non-renewal letter to the teacher with sufficient notice requirements, but he and Chairman Abernathy apparently were determined to go through with the hearing anyway, despite the fact that the teachers was not given her due process rights. The school board deadlocked on a 2 to 2 vote. Therefore, Jerry Bell’s recommendation was not upheld. Do you reckon Jerry Bell and Chairman Abernathy will try to further violate this good teacher’s rights and reputation?

      I presume that MACE needs to head back up to Hart County to let its presence be known like we did in Macon on Wednesday. While the MACE attorney was apparently kicking the school board attorney, Brian Smith, all over Hart County on Wednesday, six of us on the MACE Strike Force were kicking the proverbial ass of Superintendent Romain Dallemand in Macon on the same day. It just so happens that both Jerry Bell and Romain Dallemand have been named to the Superintendent Clowns of America!


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