Romain Dallemand, Beverly Hall Officially Named Superintendent Clowns By GTSO!

Atlanta, Georgia © GTSO, June 8, 2012,– The GeorgiaTeachersSpeakOut.Com blog just named Romain Dallemand, embattled and beleaguered superintendent of the Bibb County School System headquartered in Macon, Georgia, home of Otis Redding, Little Richard, and the Allman Brothers Band as well as the International Cherry Blossom Festival, as one of the members of the exclusive club called the Superintendent Clowns of America (SCA).  He joins other superintendent clowns of Georgia, Hart County’s Jerry Bell, Clayton County’s Edmond Heatley, and DeKalb County’s Crawford Lewis (no longer superintendent but criminally indicted).  Dr. Trotter stated today:  “Well, we just felt that the antics of Romain Dallemand demanded that we put a rush on his induction into the Superintendent Clowns of America.  There are thousands of superintendents out there.   So, this induction of Mr. Dallemand is quite telling.”

Other Georgia superintendents in this exclusive Superintendent Clowns of America will be selected during this coming school year.  The response from the readers indicates that they really like GTSO letting them know who the Superintendent Clowns are.  Dr. Trotter observed:  “I remember when we intended to go to the DeKalb Central Office to do our Clown Picket against Crawford Lewis.  We had already purchased the clown outfit from Party City.  But, we got a call that day which entailed us conducting an emergency picket against an interim principal at Atlanta’s Douglass High School who was trying to make it mandatory for teachers to work on Saturday.  So, we headed to Atlanta instead to conduct the “Remember the Sabbath” picket instead of going to DeKalb County.   By the way, he backed off this Saturday work.  You know what happened that day in DeKalb?  The DeKalb Police and I think also the G. B. I. raided then Superintendent Crawford Lewis’s office!  We had been saying all along – very openly – that DeKalb County was a ‘gangsta school system.’”

The Superintendent Clowns of America also inducted former Atlanta superintendent, Beverly Hall, into its ranks.  Hall sat in the superintendent’s seat in Atlanta while the school system engaged in the greatest cheating scandal in the history of American Public Education.  Again , it was MACE, the most aggressive teachers union in Georgia (and probably the entire South), which kept calling the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) “a gangsta school system” openly on the streets with picket signs and in the media and in its own publications.

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4 Responses to Romain Dallemand, Beverly Hall Officially Named Superintendent Clowns By GTSO!

  1. Nancy Giles says:

    When I heard Dallemand’s Macon Miracle included forcing our children to learn Mandarin was extremely upsetting to me. How much money was he going to receive to sneak communism into our community? The Canadians decided the money received from China to build its so-called soft power was not worth the dangers of communism taking a hold on their economy.

    The Globe and Mail Published Last updated Tuesday, Jun. 19 2012, 9:57 PM EDT

    The Canadian educators had no say in the Confucius Institutes’ curriculum. The institutes’ courses are administered by Hanban, a Chinese government agency affiliated with the Ministry of Education. The United Front Work Department, an arm of the Communist Party tasked with promoting soft power, also has a hand in the cultural outreach effort.
    “It amounts to a foreign government setting up their teaching program on our campus using the prestige of the university to give legitimacy to what they are teaching,” says Terry Russell, a University of Manitoba professor who successfully spearheaded resistance to a proposed Confucius Institute at his university in 2010.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Nancy, Thanks so much for these very procative thoughts on the Chinese connection here in the states and Canada! Because of their economic interests (our market places), the Chinese apparently are taking a different path for power. Hmm. Romain Dallemand should make sure that the children of Bibb County speak standard English — the commercial language of the world — rather than learn Mandarin Chinese!

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Cedric: I have been reading about this. Sounds like an economic boondoggle for the citizens of Bibb County but an economic boom for PEG. It’s all about the cheddar. Follow the money. Perhaps Dallemand will be consulting for PEG one day. Hmm.

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