Romain Dallemand, Another Gypsy Superintendent In Bibb County (Macon), Georgia, Needs To Go! Wake Up, Bibb County Board Of Education, & Smell The Coffee! It’s Time For Romain Dallemand To Go! I Smell Another Superintendent Clown Award Coming Down The Pike! Ha!

I have been writing about these gypsy superintendents for years now (including a word or two about Romain Dallemand).  They jump from one school board bed to another, depending which gullible school boards will fatten their wallets and purses and give them free reign to bully and to travel.  It looks like Macon (Bibb County) hired the classic gypsy superintendent 19 months ago, Romain DallemandMr. Dallemand offered up his notorious “Macon Miracle” which is more akin to a “Macon Nightmare.” I have been writing about him of late and promising the good teachers and parents of Macon that MACE will “hit the town” this year.  Help is a’comin’!  Meantime, the teachers of Bibb County (most of whom, I presume, have been members of GAE and PAGE – by the way, how’s this working out for them?) have been suffering under the indignities of this pseudo leader.

Dallemand’s “ideas” have to come from outside Macon, heh?  Hmm.  They look like they have come from the pit of hell…with demands that all the children from the First Grade to the Twelfth Grade take Chinese classes.  Ridiculous.  Perhaps first learning the Standard English Language – the language of Commerce in the world – might be a little more practical.  It appears that Mr. Dallemand has come up with the Macon Nightmare Plan on the back of a coffee-stained napkin at a Five Star Restaurant in Manhattan or San Francisco.   It is amazing how the illusions of grandeur spring forth when you are wining and dining yourself (or, as we say down South, “eating high off the hog”) on the taxpayers’ money.

Attention Bibb County Board of Education:  Admit your fatal mistake.  Don’t prolong the agony for the children, the teachers, the parents, and you.  Just send the man packing.  He will find another “search firm” (hey, tell him to call education attorney Glenn Beck) who might just be able to find another unsuspecting and gullible school board to take on the miseries of Romain Dallemand.  Now I think that ole Glenn might also be expecting Romain to name his firm, Brock Clay, as the school board attorneys is such a scenario.  Ha!

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16 Responses to Romain Dallemand, Another Gypsy Superintendent In Bibb County (Macon), Georgia, Needs To Go! Wake Up, Bibb County Board Of Education, & Smell The Coffee! It’s Time For Romain Dallemand To Go! I Smell Another Superintendent Clown Award Coming Down The Pike! Ha!

  1. Thanks goes to M.A.C.E. and we look forward to working with you any way we’re able – for a better outcome for our students, teachers and all the stakeholders in Bibb Co. – this completely unaccountable, Superintendent – MR. Dallemand needs to be relieved of his contract and potentially even brought up on charges – along with all of his accomplices… and the BOE>5 which proactively provide cover and “concealment” for the Super and ‘his’ team. Though they’re ‘also’ now being made to be very accountable with several state agencies….. more news on that to come soon…….

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Darren: We look forward to heading down to Macon. Please have the teachers to call the MACE Office (770-716-2727) to set up a meeting, OK? Thanks, John.

  2. c says:

    Well said Sir!! Come on down!!

  3. I couldn’t have said this any better myself. I live in Bibb County and see exactly what is going on with MR. Dallemand and his Circus of Clowns … and along this vein, thank you for referring to him as Mr. instead of DR. as he prefers. I refuse to address him as ‘doctor’ because I believe his ‘degree(s)’ most likely have no more value than the nails they are hung on the wall with. Granted, our public schools here were not perfect prior to the hiring of Dallemand, but they are in a nosedive now with no hope of recovery unless he and his commandos are forced OUT. It is unbelievable how difficult it has been to bring attention to the outlandish and underhanded actions of Dallemand. He absolutely refuses to speak one-on-one with any parents. He has a member of his ‘posse’ to run interference for him in all situations. It has long been the consensus of concerned parents/community members that he is obviously incapable of answering any direct questions or even engaging in a rational discussion! If Dallemand is not investigated by an independent agency with some authority, it is guaranteed that the School District will be bankrupt – and worst of all – our children will be the victims! When are folks going to realize that Dallemand does not have a CROWN on his head and he certainly does not have IMMUNITY of ANY sort! He is a legend in his own mind and does not care what havoc & destruction he leaves behind on his path to his Illusion of Grandeur!

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Leslie: Romain Dallemand reminds me of Clayton County’s Edmond Heatley, Atlanta’s former superintendent-clown (disgraced in the nation’s largest cheating scandal), Beverly Hall, and DeKalb’s former (now indicted) superintendent-clown, Crawford Lewis. (We gave our first “Superintendent Clown Award” to Lewis.) When it seems like no one is listening, just keep on plugging away. We at MACE made the first public accusations that Atlanta and DeKalb were “gangsta school systems” under the non-leadership of Hall and Lewis while the mainstream media were still accepting the press releases from the respective school systems without question and the Chambers of Commerce and Rotary Clubs were still kissing the superintendents’ asses. You just have to keep kicking ass like you guys are doing now. MACE wants to meet with the teachers especially and other leaders in the movement to get rid of Dallemand (and we use this word “get rid of” metaphorically — like resignation or termination!). We try to provide some cover and to become somewhat of a lightening rod. Yes, I called him “Mr.” Dallemand on purpose…for lack of respect for his academic credentials…from doctorate on down.

      • Thanks Citizen. One thing I did not address in my post is the problem with our teachers coming forward to speak the truth about how they have been treated. I cannot, for the life of me, wrap my mind around how such fear has been instilled in them by this current Administration! I understand that they have a real fear of losing their jobs — but no matter how bad someone needs a job, right is right and wrong is wrong! And the tragedy is that the students – who should be the most important thing to anyone who chooses the profession of TEACHING – are the ones who will suffer the consequences of Dallemand’s delusions!!!!! I have personally spoken to several teachers and they are NOT happy! I’m not giving up hope that SOMEONE can connect with the teachers who have, up until now, been too AFRAID to speak.

      • thegeorgiacitizen says:

        Leslie: The natural fear is one of the reasons that MACE membership is strictly confidential. We refuse to use payroll deduction. It gives too much information and power to the school systems.

  4. K Botwin says:

    If Bibb County Board of education were awake or even knew what coffee smelled like they would NEVER have hire him.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      K: Most school boards in Georgia are so gullible and naive, Bibb County certainly not being the exception. They let search firms like the one which is run by education attorney Glenn Brock hand-pick their superintendents. What background in education does Glenn Brock have to enable him to pick a decent superintendent. Who died and made Glenn Brock the god of picking superintendents? In my opinion, education attorney Glenn Brock does a horrible job of choosing superintendents.

  5. C Canty says:

    Bibb County is now at the point of refusing to release teachers from contracts. This year the transfer process was dramatically changed so that teachers wishing to transfer had from May 21-25 to put in requests, the same time frame as contracts were given to be signed. Therefore in order to be considered for a transfer one had to sign a contract for 2012-13. When teachers indicated that they would leave if not transfered it is not acknowledged and transfers were not complete until the last of June. Now teachers have found positions outside of Bibb having not been transfered and they are threated with “contract abandonment” and referal to PSC.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      @ C: This practice of trying to force teachers to make a decision to either sign a contract and give up the opportunity to transfer to another school system or simply be left without a contract with school systems wondering why you don’t have a contract started in the large systems here in the Metro Atlanta area almost ten years ago. Where teachers are treated so badly, the administration knows that teachers will leave if they find an opportunity. So, they try to keep the teachers in indentured servant status!

      • C Canty says:

        Very true. Somehow in this age of “Research Driven Best Practices” it says forcing teachers to stay where they do not want to be will increase performance.

  6. IamWolfen says:

    I just found out that Tommy Barnes, Bibb’s BOE president, converted to Singleton’s “cult” previously, and he and the four other members ,who we call the BOE5, knew exactly who and what Dallemand was, and brought him to Macon/Bibb for exactly what they are doing now. Dallemand is a dictator who hides behind the skirts of his so called “Dream Team”, and rules from his soundproofed office (when he is in town) with tyranny, and fear. He has made every employee sign an oath of loyalty to him, and has forbidden them to speak out publicly against him and his plan. They have been threatened with loss of their jobs if they do so.

    I understand the fears of the teachers and other staff, but you sometimes have to take a stand and do what is right. The dictators and bullies rule with a culture of fear, and count on you to cower, and be silent, or else!!

    There comes a time when what is happening is so outrageous, that the choice to be courageous, and strong has to outwiegh the fear of the “or else”. You are not alone in our community…we are behind you all and will hold you up if needed. There are those who are taking the legal route, and they need every bit of ammo (info) that they can get. You teachers are the ones that possess it, and opportunities are available to share it annonymously. Again, fear of job loss is understandable, but please, help out in any way you can.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Signing loyalty oaths is a serious charge. Wow. Mr. Dallemand, if these charges are not true, we have this forum, and you are welcome to use it to dispute this claim.

  7. al gotmer says:

    Rochester Mn This all sounds so terribly familiar. Your need to get
    rid of your super.

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