Dr. John Trotter Keeps Hammering Away At Clayton County Superintendent Edmond Heatley!


Statement from Dr. Trotter:

I don’t remember saying he was “rotten to the core,” but I certainly do believe that the Heatley superintendency is rotten and was also rotten in Chino Valley, California before he came to Georgia – and I so stated this in the print media and the electronic media even back in 2009 before and shortly after the Clayton County Board of Education hired him.  But, the clamoring for change has been getting louder and louder lately.  One teacher kept texting me on a recent Sunday afternoon, imploring me to get involved.  He wrote:  “You’re the only person who can get rid of him!”  I guess I have richly earned my reputation of helping to get rid of superintendents!  Ha!  In Clayton County in the old days, we would actually sit down and plan bloodless political coups, so to speak.  But I moved out of Clayton County three years ago.

We at MACE are still getting credit now for helping to bring down DeKalb’s Crawford Lewis and Atlanta’s Beverly Hall.  (I will admit now that an investigator with the F. B. I. – or perhaps it was the G. B. I. – called me back when Lewis was being investigated and before his indictment.)  I had named Hall and Lewis three or four years ago, along with SACS’s Mark Elgart, as “the three biggest educational hypocrites in Georgia.”  MACE was the first group in Georgia to speak out publicly on “systematic cheating” (before it was popular to talk about – back when people like Beverly Hall were the darlings of the media) and to denounce SACS’s capricious and arbitrary application of its so-called standards.

It’s been a whirlwind against Heatley in the media the last couple of weeks.  I was contacted by three different media outlets, asking about my opinion on the actions of Edmond Heatley.  I was on FOX-5 TV last week concerning Heatley and nepotism.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quoted me earlier this week about my opinion that the failure to pay the Clayton County teachers for their advanced degrees was a violation of contract law.   Yesterday, the Clayton News/Daily has me calling Edmond Heatley as “a thug and bully” and “rotten to the core.”  Hmm.  I really don’t remember saying these things, but in my opinion, Heatley is an educational thug and bully.  What say ye?

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3 Responses to Dr. John Trotter Keeps Hammering Away At Clayton County Superintendent Edmond Heatley!

  1. craig spinks says:

    We’re less than a month into hurricane season. The winds of change have yet to begin REALLY blowing. Hurricane John is just getting revved up.

  2. Gone but not forgotten says:

    Excellent descriptors, add arrogant, egomanical and idiot to your list and it will provide a clear depiction of the teflon king. He bullies to the point that you either fight or take flight. The fight can be costly due to attorney fees, flight is easier because if you can get away unscathed the feeling is priceless. His cut buddy the Chief of Resources stated that his wife worked for the system, well lo and behold, do we have to spell it out for him. She became his wife after years of being in the system! If Heatley’s wife and children went through a fair hiring process and their supervisors can fire them without repercussions that would be a different story. Most days the folks who have to deal with him wish the heel on his inflatable boots would break and he trips and falls with his big mouth wide open squarely in a pile of pooh! He rules with brute force, destroying the careers of those who don’t fall and kiss his feet when he passes. One more disaster for Clayton to manage!

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Gone: I don’t know all of the ends and outs of the school system. But, I do observe that the Clayton County Public Schools under the un-leadership of the Triping & Tripping Triumverate of Edmond Heatley, Douglas (Doug) Hendrix, and Pam Adamson (along with their lackey attorney, Glenn Brock) is at an all-time low. I have observed and/or interacted with the last eleven superintendents in Clayton County, and I believe that Edmond Heatley is the most despised of all of them.

      By the way, I am holding some comments about Heatley. Some are probably unpublishable by me until I do some heavy editing, redacting, and cleaning up! Ha! We do, however, appreciate all of the comments!

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