Dr. John Trotter of MACE Blasts Superintendent Edmond Heatley For Employing All Of His Family Members In The Clayton County Public Schools!


FOX 5’s Story on Edmond Heatly’s Family On County Payroll Is Linked Below:


The Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE), the South’s toughest teachers’ union which is located in Georgia, came out blasting Edmond Heatley, the beleagured superintendent of the Clayton County Public Schools, for having his daughter and teenage children on payroll in the Clayton County School System when the teachers are losing more and more money due to cut backs.  Dr. John Trotter, who has been a fierce critic of Edmond Heatley even before the Clayton School Board even officially voted for him to be the superintendent, said today that Heatley apparently thinks that the Clayton County School System is “his private hacienda.”  Trotter also said that Heatley has shown the sensitivity of a Marie Antoinette, who supposedly said when the French peasants complained that they had no bread to eat, “Then let them eat cake!”

Dr. Trotter today told the media that he has known and interacted with 11 superintendents in the last thirty years in Clayton County and that from his observations, “Heatley is the most despised of all of the Clayton County superintendents.”  He stated that MACE picketed the Clayton County Board of Education meeting the evening that the Edmond Heatley vote was pending.  Trotter recalled that his sign said:  “Alieka, Are You Stupid?”  Alieka Anderson was the Chairperson of the Clayton County Board of Education at the time.  Trotter commented that he “knew before the Clayton board voted on him that he had been a disaster in Chino Valley, California.”


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9 Responses to Dr. John Trotter of MACE Blasts Superintendent Edmond Heatley For Employing All Of His Family Members In The Clayton County Public Schools!

  1. Gone but not forgotten says:

    While you are blasting can you execavate the mass friends and family hiring of other personnnel in the county office and start by researching the number of veteran (10 years +) employees who have been run off and research the number of current administrators under the age of 45 with less than 10 years of experience in his cadre? Look at the following positions: Coordinators, Directors, Principals and any type of specialists positions. Should make for some EEOC complaints and federal lawsuits.

  2. craig spinks says:

    The Clayton County BOE resembles the Richmond County BOE? Does Heatley have a bevy of personal beauties he assigns to choice administrative positions as has been alleged about some past RCSS superintendents?

  3. Gone but not forgotten says:

    @Craig Spinks, let’s just say we are uncertain what would qualify the individuals for the positions they hold and it is certainly not the knowledge they possess. In addition to that fact, if you do have knowledge and substantially more knowledge than Heatley and his posse, you are considered a threat and become an automatic target. He seems to want drones and robots who do want they are told with no depth of experience or knowledge to move the system forward. The system is vunerable to some serious litigation at this point and the board thinks they can make it all disappear and it has a false sense of security based on the lies he has provided them to address any allegations brought to their attention. What progress has this system made during his tenure?

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Gone: I don’t know about any particular “lies” that he may or may not have told the school board, but I do know that under his non-leadership, the school system is like a ship without a rudder. The morale is so that you would have to scrape it up like silly putty. The students are out of control, and cronyism appears to be at an all time high. Mr. Heatley is welcome to post on this site any time to try to defend himself.

  4. Lisa1211 says:

    A little over a year ago, I shared concerns about Dr. Heatley’s wife and children on payroll. I found it to be quite disrespectful to the other parent liaisons who have served the county well for years, but are not making nearly what Karen Heatley is making. And secondly, I have never known any student with a summer job to make 10 to 12 hours…simply walking around a school building. Dr. Heatley himself has commented that Clayton County is a “sleeping community.” With his past improprieties and with a community still silenced, I am growing more likely to believe this. As a Clayton County employee for 11 years, I have never seen the office of the superintendent as tarnished as it is now as Dr. Pulliam did not do as much damage as Dr. Heatley has done…and this is a SHAME…not only on him…but the community of Clayton County too as they must share some of the blame. “Silence is not always golden!”

  5. Gone but not forgotten says:

    Citizen: His fictional leadership abilities was the first lie, after that, it is all a well orchestrated play which could make the rounds of broadway if anyone decided to put it in prose. Lately there seems to be a bi-weekly controversy. He will not defend anything , as the reigning “teflon king” why stoop to such levels. He sends his messenger, the Chief of Resources because the “Human” is no longer present in that system. What system has the Chief of HR as its spokes person? Well, one where the micromanagement has a strangle hold so tight no one else can speak or dares……… what is the role of other Chiefs of HR in the state? This is odd, too odd, wake up taxpayers of Clayton County.

  6. Shay says:

    I wonder if Dr. Trotter has Gary Mathews on his Clown’s List – maybe he should.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Gary Mathews of Newton County is definitely a good suggestion for the Superintendent Clowns of America. I remember a huge picket (which led to us being on the local radio later that evening) staged in two locations against Gary Mathews that MACE staged in Covington. And I remember this great all-you-can eat restaurant that we ate at later that night!

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