Just a Few Questions that Keep Poppin’ Up in Hart County; We’re Hopin’ that Superintendent Jerry Bell Can Provide Some Answers to These Poppin’ Questions; It’s Almost Eastertide, and Maybe the School Bunny Can Come Hoppin’ with Answers to These Poppin’ Questions.


 by John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     First of all, there seems to be some confusion if Jerry Bell is really the superintendent in Hart County…at least in the way the State of Georgia’s Department of Audits and Accounts lists him.  In the Fiscal Year 2011, it appears that Jerry Bell is listed as the Finance/Business Service Manager for the Hart Count School System.  No one is listed as the Superintendent, but David Hicks, the former Superintendent of Hart County, is listed in 2011 as the Superintendent in Bremen City Schools.  Is this confusion due to mere oversight, incompetence, or sleight of hand?  Inquiring minds in Hart County want to know.

Inquiring minds in Hart County also want to know, in light the evidence of the mass cheating recently discovered not just in the schools in Atlanta and Dougherty County but all over the country, why there seems to be an anomalous spike in the test scores of the Hart County children when they enter into the middle school but a precipitous drop when these students matriculate into the high school?  Is there a natural explanation for this apparent sudden rise and sudden fall in the test scores?  Inquiring minds in Hart County want to know.

Inquiring minds in Hart County also may want to know how the Hart County Middle School and the Hart County High School can earn an Accreditation With Quality (AWQ) rating from the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) when one of GAC’s Standards for this rating is for the schools to have a fulltime Media Specialist at each school.  It is our understanding that the Media Specialist at each of these schools are pulled off of their Media Specialist duties to teach classes each day.  If we are wrong, please correct us, OK?  Were any documents falsified when submitted to the GAC?  Inquiring minds in Hart County may just want to know?

Well, enough for now.  But, yes, one more thing… Aren’t Hart County teachers good enough to promote into administration?  Does the school system have to constantly promote from the outside?  Why not recruit from within the ranks?  Yes, inquiring minds in Hart County want to get to the heart of this matter.

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