The Latest Edition of MACE Live TV!

This is picture last week with my parents and my brother after church on Sunday.  My parents will be 87 years old in April of this year (next month), and they recently celebrated their 67 years of marriage!  They were married on February 22, 1945 when my father was on a mandatory furlough from the U. S. Navy because his ship had been blown up (he was one of he survivors).  My brother, Daniel D. Trotter, Jr., like my father, is a retired Georgia school principal.  Dan also serves on the Harris County Board of Eduation.  My mother, Jo Frazier Trotter, earned her retirement with TRS as a paraprofessional.  My sister, Patti, retired as a First Grade teacher, and the kids loved her!  She was somewhere else in the church building when I got my niece Caroline to take this photo.  Note that I am wearing the same tie in this photo as in the MACE Live TV segment.  Hmm.  I must like this tie of many colors!  Ha!

by John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     This is the latest edition of MACE Live TV.  This is truly a “live” educational show.  We never rehearse a thing!  This is Part One of three parts of the MACE Live TV that we recorded on February 28, 2012.  Note how the pillow on chairs and sofas drive me crazy if they are not situated correctly.  I drive them crazy in the MACE Office!  Ha!  Also, note that I had just eaten three platefuls of food at Charley’s [I think that I said “Harold’s” but it is “Charley’s”] Homecooking in Fayetteville!  I think that I need to return to Brazil where they don’t have that many all-you-can-eat restaurants.  I was looking much slimmer in Brazil!  Ha!

I though that you loyal and kind readers might want to watch this latest MACE Live TV!


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1 Response to The Latest Edition of MACE Live TV!

  1. Craig says:

    Always good to see Doc and Norreese.

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