Teachers, There Is Some Good News!

By Dr. John Trotter, Chairman , and Norreese Haynes, Vice Chairman 

[Editor’s Note:  This message was and is for the teachers of Georgia, but especially for the teachers in the large, urban school systems where the teachers are metaphorically beat up and bludgeoned by the angry and abusive administrators, the irate and irresponsible parents, and the defiant and disruptive students.]

Dr. Trotter and Mr. Haynes being interviewed by Fox5 News about the cheating scandal in the Atlanta Public Schools

          Teacher, Do you feel powerless and voiceless?  Are you tired of Disciplinary Problems, Paperwork, Unfair Evaluations, Administrative Snoopervision, Lack of Administrative Support, Consistency, etc., in Student Discipline, Lack of Parental Concern, Student Apathy, Incompetent Administrators, Angry and Abusive Administrators, Disruptive and Defiant Students, Irate and Irresponsible Parents, Overcrowded Classes, Lack of Supplies, Non-Instructional Duties, and Useless and Inane Meetings, just to name a few Stressors in Today’s Public Schooling Process?  If not, then good.  If so, however, then you are among the many public school teachers who are just tired of being tired.

          There is, however, good news now for classroom educators!  The Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE) was founded in 1995 for the express purpose of protecting  empowering the classroom educators, not the administrators.  Administrators are already empowered by the educrats at the Central Office to mess with teachers, to engage in Corporate Execution, and to make the teachers’ lives miserable.  You need the antidote…you need to be a member of the only teachers’ union in Georgia which actually scares the daylights out of the abusive administrators…When you say “MACE, administrators do indeed listen.  Administrators always have a healthy respect for MACE.  One young teacher recently stated:  “MACE doesn’t play.”  A prominent school board attorney quipped in the past:  “MACE terrorizes the principals.”

Dr. Trotter is being interviewed by Atlanta Magazine at the MACE Picket Line.

          Unlike GAE & PAGE, MACE represents ONLY classroom educators, not administrators and/or supervisors.  It is MACE’s firm conviction that you cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions. This is why we ask:  “Why would a teacher join a union that sleeps with the enemy?  The roles of a teacher and an administrator are different.  You cannot represent both the administrator and teacher at the same time.  It is a classic conflict-of-interest.  At MACE, we know whose side we are on.  We protect and empower classroom educators without equivocation, apology, or vacillation.  Teachers need not wait too late to join.  We empower teachers…one member at a time.”

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8 Responses to Teachers, There Is Some Good News!

  1. Dr. Craig Spinks/ Augusta says:

    GODSPEED on your ministry to improve public education. Georgia’s future may hang in the balance.

  2. Craig Spinks says:

    Let’s spread the solidarity that is MACE throughout our state. Don’t our teachers from Rabun Gap to Tybee Light and from Walker County to Donalsonville deserve the best in professional representation. Get MACE.

  3. Dr. Craig Spinks/ Augusta says:

    You and your crusade deserve all the help I can give you and more.

  4. cat mac says:

    Even though we are expected to do perfect instruction, we are not given adequate time to plan. We must spend all day in workshops while we should be planning and organizing our classrooms. There are too many chiefs in our system who defend their jobs by giving us more to do.

    • Craig Spinks says:

      And they’ll continue to defend their jobs at the expense of our kids and their learning as long as we teachers limit our dissatisfaction to pity-parties among ourselves and whines on Internet blogs

  5. Craig Spinks says:

    So long as we Georgia teachers acquiesce in job-defense by highly compensated educrats as they protect themselves and their big-money salaries and perks at the expense of our kids’ learning and in the face of our professional judgements, we deserve how badly these aspiring Napoleons treat us. We must unite in the face of this and other blatant examples of educratic self-interests’ trumping our kids futures and our professional integrity.

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