Coming Soon…How Erroll Davis & The Atlanta Board Of Education Will Continue To Violate The Georgia School Laws!

By  John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

Dr. Trotter addressed Erroll Davis and the Atlanta Board of Education on Monday night, July, 11, 2011, warning them that it would be a grave mistake for the Erroll Davis Administration to continue to flagrantly and egregiously rape certain Georgia laws like the Beverly Hall Administraton did on a regular and routine basis.

             I have been warning the new Atlanta Superintendent and the Atlanta Board of Education since the school board meeting this past Monday night and via various media outlets about the constraint and strictures within the Due Process Law…as well as pointing out how the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) has notoriously, flagrantly, and egregiously raped the State’s Complaint (Grievance) Law for certificated personnel for years.  How can APS teachers get an ear from the Central Office Administration — whether Beverly Hall’s or Erroll Davis’s — if this rudimentary law is abjectly broken regularly and routinely?  

MACE Representative Benjamin Barnes asking Erroll Davis and the Atlanta Board of Education questions about what they intend to do for those who were wrongly treated by the Beverly Hall Administration for standing up for what is right.

          What we need is not more town hall meetings and more pronouncements by Erroll Davis.  The people of Atlanta and the APS teachers need a school board and a superintendent who will make sure that the “APS Alligators” at 130 Trinity Avenue abide by the Georgia Statutes concerning Due Process and Grievances, not to mention other laws like Duty Free Lunch for elementary school teachers, sick leave for personnel, FMLA, etc.

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3 Responses to Coming Soon…How Erroll Davis & The Atlanta Board Of Education Will Continue To Violate The Georgia School Laws!

  1. God Will Be Pleasd With Me says:

    Thanks so much for your truthful comments. I am a APS teacher whose story is similar to the Washington High School teacher.

  2. Ernest says:

    Dr. Trotter, it might be good for you to write an ‘educational’ letter to the editor and/or blog topic for Maureen explaining the due process laws for teachers. It seems that many are taking the roles of ‘education vigilantes’ regarding how the accused APS educators show be handled.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Ernest: They (Davis, The Board, The Educrats, The Public, and The Media) have a fundamental lack of understanding of the time constraints imposed by OCGA 20-2-940(g) when a certificated empoyee is suspended from duty. Perhaps I will go into this later tonight. I’ve been busy of late. I sat down with 11Alive for over 30 minutes last Monday and explained the details of the termination process as well as the procedures before the Professional Standards Commission. I tried to upload a video on this WordPress but, as a luddite, naturally I could not figure it out! Ha! Mention it to Maureen, and if the AJC would like for me to write about this in details, then I will. In the past, I have been asked by the AJC to write a piece or two the the paper, but I hate being edited! Like I said, I think that they just do not understand the law or — even worse — they understand the law and intend to ignore it.

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