A Fourth of July Articles Is Coming Up! Happy 4th! The Article Is A Big’un!

          Let me head on over to Publix, and when I return, I’ll try to finish and post my Fourth of July article.  Is’s a big’un!  I could have given you the abbreviated version, but you know that when I start writing, I start writing, right?  I’ll talk about the Father of our country, his French friend, and a few of my former students and athletes.  It’s a tribute.  I may even go into some details and tick off a few folk.  I have been known to do this, you know.  I’m gonna talk a little bit about my friend and colleague Norreese Haynes too.  What an American!

Norreese has always had a way with voters.  He has that magic touch with the people.  He is the quintissential American who pulled himself up by his own boot straps.  Stay tuned and I’ll shortly be presenting you with another opus!  Ha!

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