Atlanta Public Schools…Will The Administration Of Beverly Hall Fall As Fast As The Berlin Wall Did In 1989?


Atlanta Public Schools’s Beverly Hall…Humpty Dumpty About To Fall?  Former Head Of Internal Investigations, Colinda Howard, Says That She Was Told By Her Supervisor Millicent Few That Beverly Hall Ordered The Destruction Of Public Documents –Documents Which Apparently Detailed Evidence of Systematic Cheating!  Shades Of Watergate Come To Mind.  Hmm. 

     The MACE Picketing Squad was on Trinity Avenue picketing in front of the Atlanta Public Schools on this cold January day in 2010.  This has been the scene of many MACE pickets against the Beverly Hall Administration.

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

           The latest on the systematic cheating scandal in the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) is that the former head of APS’s Office of Internal Resolutions (OIR), the office in charge of investigating accusations of irregularities, ethical breaches, and improprieties within the school system, is asserting that she was forced into resignation because she questioned the “sanitized” reports about the cheating.  She further claims, according to a published report in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (June 21, 2011), that her supervisor her, Millicent Few, told her that Superintendent Beverly Hall had ordered public documents which details evidence about systematic cheating to be destroyed (a felony which could result in considerable prison time).  We presume that Ms. Few denies Ms. Howard’s allegations. 

          I have called APSa cess pool” for years.  One front page headline in the paper version of The Teacher’s Advocate! magazine (1997) read:  “APS:  Teaching In Hell!”  This was a hot issue, and people kept calling our office, wanting to get a copy.  (We had already distributed about 10,000 copies in the mail and more by hand.)  People, especially those employed in APS, knew that we were telling the truth.  On more than one occasion I have written that APS is about “sex, power, and money.”  Ha! 

          Our staff at MACE dealt with Colinda Howard on dozens and dozens of cases.  Personally, I found that Ms. Howard tried as much as she could to work with us honorably.  When I was told that she was “walked out” (so to speak) like at least three others whom I know of in the Office of Internal Resolutions (OIR), I felt that something indeed was up.  I always have felt that when someone in that department suffers the pangs of conscience, they were dismissed with all due alacrity.

          So many, many times did we picket with signs which read, “Atlanta is a Gansta System!” coupled with signs which read, “Hall Must Go!”  What do the theologians call it?  Speaking truth to power.  A prophetic voice, I suppose.  Ha!  Many of those pickets were in some very inclement weather too!  Picketing in 100 degree heat with suits and ties or in freezing conditions.

          Many, many lives have been negatively affected (financially, emotionally, as well as physically) by the Beverly Hall Administration.  But, there is a balm in Gilead.

          Might Colinda Howard‘s testimony about the on-goings of the Beverly Hall Administration relative to the systematic cheating scandal be akin to the testimony of Alexander Butterfield before the Senate Watergate Hearing Committee on July 16, 1973?  (Three days earlier, Butterfield had already disclosed to the staff what he disclosed to the entire country on national television on July 16, 1973.)  There was a secret taping system in the White House, and every meeting (no exceptions) in which President Richard Nixon participated was taped.  Fred Thompson, who at this time was a GOP Staff Attorney and Aide to Senator Howard Baker (in fact, it was Thompson who coined this question, “What did he know, and when did he know it?“), bursts on the national stage.  He asked Butterfield the fateful question about the taping.  The taping led to President Nixon‘s resignation, especially after Judge Sirica‘s ruling that he had to turn over all the tapes.

          Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive.  I had rather tell the truth, offend people, and have folks pissed off with me — which is often the case.  You can’t remember all of those lies.  I’d rather be called “crazy” than a “liar.” (c) GTSO, June 21, 2011.

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