Mayor Kasim Reed Toting Water For Atlanta’s Big Mules; SACS & Others Mistakenly Focusing On Governance Instead Of Administration; And Making Khaatim El The Bad Guy Isn’t Fooling The People.


 Mayor Kasim Reed appeared on  NBC’s Meet The Press yesterday morning, as reported by Atlanta’s 11 Alive TV.   Although Mayor Reed is pushing President Obama‘s re-election bid in 2012, he is overly kibitzing in the school board affairs of Atlanta.  We think that in these endeavors, he is doing more harm than good for the school children of Atlanta

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

          All of the focus on the governance of the Atlanta Board of Education by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS) is just smoke and mirrors.  The real problem the whole time has been Superintendent Beverly Hall and the sycophants whom she has promoted.  End of story.  I don’t live in the City of Atlanta, but if I did I would vote for Mary Norwood or anyone who runs against Kasim Reed.  What a pasty Reed has been for the business community —  for those people who seem to have an interest other than having kids in the school system.  “Landslide” Reed only won by 714 votes, right?  What is he thinking even getting mixed up in the school board/school system mess? 

          Mark Elgart, why don’t you cite Kasim Reed for “outside influence” on the school system?  When you look up the word “hypocrite” in your Webster’s Dictionary, does it have a photo of Mark Elgart?  What about the word “pasty“?  A photo of Kasim Reed?  Hang in there, Mr. El.  You have more supporters than you probably realize.  The whole Beverly Hall Administration-Blue Ribbon Committee-SACS-Mark Elgart-Metro Chamber of Commerce-Kasim Reed “Association” or “Alliance” has been, in my opinion, just a sleight-of-hand.  I am not privy if it has been strictly coordinated or the groups just share a common interest but it seems strange to me that none of these “big boys” appear to be bent out of shape about the systematic cheating and other such sordid activities which have been occurring within the school system.  (Didn’t the New York Times recently identity the cheating scandal within the Atlanta Public Schools led by Beverly Hall the biggest cheating scandal in the nation?)  Perhaps some are thinking like this, “If we can get people focused on the governance of the school board, then perhaps people will not pay much attention to the improprieties going on within the school system itself.”  I doubt that anyone who works in the school system or has relatives and friends who work in the school system is falling for this sleight-of-hand.  I don’t think that Mayor Kasim Reed trying to make Mr. Khaatim El the bad guy is working…not one bit.  The people are not falling for this ruse.

           It would be so easy to run a campaign against Kasim Reed in the next election.  Sure, he will get his lion’s share Buckhead vote (but Norwood would definitely split this vote, if not take the majority) and the Big Mules’s Piedmont Driving Club associates’ campaign money, but who cares?  The Mayor  has cast himself as a willing puppet on the strings of an oligarchy.  I just don’t see him winning the next election, if people coordinate their efforts to take him out (at the polls, of course).  Kasim has just been too willing to tote the water of and for the Big Mules.  They know who they are, and they see themselves as “The Big Mules,” right?  Ha!

           I remember Kasim Reed back when he was a teenager and his father, June Reed, and he were flirting with the Republican Party back in the late 1980s.  No problem.  I messed around with the Republican Party too, just like I had  messed around with the Democratic Party.  I’m just not a good Party Person — I prefer honesty over partisanship.  I have been following Mayor Reed‘s political rise for the last few years.  He has been quite nifty but this time, I think that he has been willing to be too servile to the Big Mules.  But, hey, if you check his campaign contributions, you’ll probably find some surprises.  Politics is a strange business. (c) GTSO, June 13, 2011.

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1 Response to Mayor Kasim Reed Toting Water For Atlanta’s Big Mules; SACS & Others Mistakenly Focusing On Governance Instead Of Administration; And Making Khaatim El The Bad Guy Isn’t Fooling The People.

  1. Fred M. says:

    Kasim Reed needs to butt out of the school board business.

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