DeKalb County…Paying For Accreditation…Or Just Wetting SACS’s Beak. Ha!


Does Mark Elgart Protect His Home County Of Fulton?  Fulton County, With All Its Mess, Appears To Be The Fair-Haired Child Of The Metro School Systems.  I Venture To Guess That If North Fulton Becomes Milton County That South Fulton (Or, Just “Fulton County”) Will Not Be So Blessed By Little Markie Elgart!  Ha!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

          I see that the DeKalb County School System just had to pay handsomely to SACS to keep its accreditation.  SACS is indeed about the money. Wouldn’t it be swell if I could tell a teacher that he or she will lose his or her certificate and won’t be able to teach if he or she doesn’t join MACE?  This is in essence what SACS does. SACS threatens and then collects money. Ha!

          To use one of my grandmother’s phrases…SACS makes me want to chew tobacco.  In other words, SACS is repugnant.  It is a self-appointed (with no accountability) private organization that has been enabled by the State to threaten school systems with a loss of accreditation, and then it charges the school systems a heap of money in the process.  What a racket, in my opinion.

          I guess that ole Mark Elgart & Gang at SACS decided a couple of years ago that SACS could not go way beyond 40 years before it de-frocked at least one school system so that this school system could be held up as an example to scare the hundreds (if not thousands) of other school systems and institutions from which SACS keeps draining money.  SACS is a joke.  If Mark Elgart & Gang at SACS does not see that Clayton County is in much worse shape under Edmond ($1.4 Million) Heatley, then SACS is more stupid or more blind than I had ever imagined!

          Former Clayton County Chair Ericka Davis, former Vice Chair Rod Johnson, and Commission Chair Eldrin Bell just handed the Mark Elgart Gang at SACS a golden opportunity to screw with a metro system (insuring great media coverage), which would in turn scare the daylights out of other school systems.  But, look at what has been going on for 11 years in the Atlanta Public Schools under Beverly Hall‘s watch.  It has been a disaster, a train wreck.  Then, SACS comes in, but not to scrutinize Beverly Hall but attempts to re-place the new majority on the Atlanta School Board which was bringing Beverly Hall in line.  I believe that SACS is a handy tool of Atlanta’s business community which apparently likes Hall because she can and does dish out huge business contracts to the business community.  The children and teachers be damned, in the apparent view of the Atlanta’s Business Mules.

          Look at what has been exposed in DeKalb County in the past year and one-half.  Its superintendent, Crawford Lewis, and his top financial deputy, Pat Pope, have been indicted for running a criminal enterprise within the school system.  Do you remember us proclaiming that the DeKalb School System was a “gangsta school system” long before these apparent criminal activities hit the regular media?  Where is ole Markie ElgartLittle Markie is up there on Mt. Alpharetta pretending to be the Zeus of Southern Schools.  Don’t get me started on his benign neglect of the Fulton County School System, his hometown school system.  Or, what about the Cobb County School Board which admitted to having 57 illegal school board meetings spanning several years.  I just read in the Marietta Daily Journal where this same school board again apparently violated this Open Meetings Law by voting on several administrators in the personnel package and refusing to name their names.  Apparently, this was done by intention and design.  Which law firm represents this Cobb County Board of EducationBrock, Clay, Calhoun & Rogers, the same firm down in Clayton County.  Wow.  Can’t this law firm get it together?  Do you reckon that Mark Elgart & Gang at SACS doesn’t yank Cobb‘s accreditation  because Mark is a professional “buddy” to Glenn Brock?  Hmm.

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3 Responses to DeKalb County…Paying For Accreditation…Or Just Wetting SACS’s Beak. Ha!

  1. MRS. LYNNE says:


  2. David Nutter says:

    Get your facts straight – Cobb did not disclose the names of the personnel until after contracts were offered to those potential employees, nothing can be offered until the board votes, (taken in public) to hire or not to hire – it is to protect potential employees. If they had been voted against and their names had been disclosed, if they currently had jobs and did not want their current emplyee to know they were looking for a job outside their company, they would lose that confidentiality and perhaps lose their job. And it was 55 votes taken in executive session, not 57 and it was the previous board, not the current one.

    This is how innuendo and rumor is accepted as fact or truth – shame on you; be responsible and get it right.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Mr. Nutter: I am sorry about people worrying about losing their jobs in other counties, but the Georgia law calls for disclosure of those names on whom the school board is voting when it comes to personnel issues. Sorry that this doesn’t fit in with the Cobb County School Board’s squeamishness. Ha! Oh, well excuse me…you are saying that the Cobb County Board of Education only violated the Open Meetings Law at 55 different school board meetings, not 57 meetings. Well, I won’t quibble over two meetings. Fifty-five violations seem pretty egregious to me. Now no wonder ole Mark Elgart is not going to do anything about this. Wasn’t Mark Elgart and Glenn Brock of Brock, Clay, Calhoun & Rogers (as well as two State Board members, Bradley Bryant and James Bostic) guilty of meeting behind closed doors illegally with the Clayton County Board of Education when “they” were trying to straighten out that board? I guess that this Open Meetings Law only applies to the Peasants, not to the Gnostics. So, as far as this being the “previous board,” again I am sorry, but just because a new member or several new members get elected to a school board does not exonerate “the school board” itself. The phone is ringing. Gotta run. Thanks for writing!

      Mr. Nutter, sorry that I had to deal with a phone call but I am back. I want you to know that I do indeed appreciate your willingness to address this. I am not sure if you are a school board member or not. Perhaps you even work for Brock, Clay, Calhoun & Rogers. I am aware, from reading different accounts, that the Cobb County Board of Education apparently has a problem is transparency. I read an article in Otis Brumby’s Marietta Daily Journal about the latest episode of not disclosing the administrators’ names BEFORE the school board voted on these people. Hey, I am sorry, but it CANNOT be done this way. I also noted that Clem Doyle of this same law firm which represents this school board and other school board was apparently giving his imprimatur to the way it was being done. The news reports says, if I recall correctly, that he was whispering with one or two school board members right before this transaction took place, as if to give them legal counsel. Now if Mr. Doyle was vehemently telling the board member(s) NOT to do it this way, then perhaps he could get in the media and trash the Cobb County Board of Education as Glenn Brock trashed the Clayton County Board of Education after this school board inexplicably hired Dr. John Thompson (apparently not someone whom Glenn Brock and others were wanting them to hire) as superintendent. I am really not sure to this day the thinking of Glenn Brock in trashing in the media his erstwhile client, the Clayton County Board of Education.

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