Clayton County’s Edmond Heatley Yet Again, Cheer Squad Leaders Pam Adamson & Alieka Anderson, A Little On Glenn Brock And Hall County’s Will Schofield, & Y’all Gonna Have To Wait On The Article On Alvin Wilbanks, Norreese Haynes, & Matthew Trotter. What Y’all Think That I Do? Sit Here & Type All Day? I Even Joined AARP Today! I Only Held Out For Nearly Eight Years! Ha!

 Co-Captain of the Edmond Heatley Cheer Squad, Alieka Anderson, Does Metaphorical Cartwheels And Handstands For About Anything That QB Edmond Heatley Wants!  Not Pictured Is Captain Pam Adamson.  She Is Toting Water To The Omnipotent Ruler Of Clayton County, Edmond Heatley.  But, The Fans Are Chanting, “Push Him Back, Push Him Back, Wayyyyyyyyyyy Back!  All The Way Back To Cali-forn-I-A!”

 By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD, WD [White Devil]

     I believe that it was MACE alone who had the clarion and prophetic voice about Edmond HeatleyDon’t hire him!  MACE warned the school board in no uncertain terms.  By the way, this “Simba” (aka Heatley perhaps?) on the AJC’s Get Schooled blog needs to learn how to write a cogent sentence.  Is this the type of folks who are now running our school system?

     What’s a contract for…if it can be set aside?  Hmm.

     Speaking truth to power…isn’t this the definition of a prophetic voice?

     We posed a simple question earlier in the week on this site…

Who’s “Scorned” The Most…Edmond Heatley or Beverly Hall?


     I believe, from my observations, that Edmond Heatley has emerged as the “hottest” (not in a good sense) topic in the educational cyberspace in Georgia today.  Beverly Hall is fading — oops!  The State’s Report has not come out yet!  She will eventually go into the sunset, not unlike the memory of Crawford Lewis in DeKalbMark Elgart will still try to trumpet the lofty (so stated) goals of SACS, but SACS has been tarnished, and people realize now that its so-called lofty goals are hypocritical, benighted, and truncatedSACS is a dysfunctional organization.  Hey Markie ole boy, why didn’t you stay in Clayton County?  The school board is pretty much split on a 5 to 4 line now.  Not what you call a SACS Consensus…like the one that you imposed on the Atlanta Board of Education.  You got the hell out of Clayton County because you knew that the Heatley Operation was in a melt-down and because Heatley was your buddy Glenn Brock‘s choice, right?  Ha!  Yep, you gave back that fake accreditation and got the hell out of ClaycoClayco was your Afghanistan, correct?  Remember when the Soviets marched boldly into Afghanistan in 1979 and did a sheepish and backward moonwalk out of this irascible country just a few years later?  Ha!


Superintendent Will Schofield In Hall County…& Mr. UnCongeniality…

     Will Schofield up in Hall County might be a superintendent whose practices need more focus.  But, Edmond Heatley…oh, he takes the cake!  Ha!  He walks away with Mr. UnCongeniality.  It sounds like the peasants in Clayton County are ready to grab their proverbial pitchforks and storm the castle on Fifth Avenue.  The Pope has his Swiss Guard protecting him in the Vatican.  What about it, Sarge?  The Nupe Guard?


Back To “Simba” & Sergeant Edmond Heatley…

     By the way, “Simba,” where are you getting your fantasy numbers about Clayton‘s test scores being so good now?  I saved Saturday‘s copy of the AJC (May 28, 2011).  Clayton County has the LOWEST test scores besides Atlanta in the entire metro area.  Second LOWEST next to Atlanta.  Oh, by the way again, Atlanta spends per capita the MOST on Central Office staff.  Who do you think is SECOND?  You guessed it!  Clayton County spends the SECOND MOST per capita on Central Office staff, much more than Cobb and Gwinnett.  Here is where you might find some money, Sarge.  Oops!  You might make some Nupe brothers mad at you!

Hall County Again…

     Well, “tinhat” (the character who was trying to defend Hall County‘s Will Schofield today on the AJC’s Get Schooled blog), how does “Transparent Will” explain all of those last minute transfers?  They did take place, right?  Was the young gentleman in the newspaper yesterday lying about what he was told as the reason that he was being transferred?

     Quite frankly, I don’t know nor am I interested in how much money ole Will makes or gives back.  This is not the issue.  The issue is whether a certain segment of Hall County‘s student population is relegated to second, third, or fourth class status.

     I am sorry, but all of the tea in China given back to the government makes no difference in this situation.  What matters is whether Will Schofield’s Administration is treating all of Hall‘s kids equitably.  Would any child or grandchild of, say, Casey Cagle or Nathan Deal be so treated?  They are from Hall County too, right?  Now pluck on that for a while, alright?


Heatley & The Gang of Five…LIKE?

     Hey School Board:  How y’all like ole Heatley now?  I told y’all (Pam Adamson and Alieka Anderson most responsible) that Edmond Heatley was a failed superintendent from Chino Valley, California, but noooooooooooooooooooooooo, you guys had to listen to Glenn BrockGlenn Brock?  Ha!  What does he know about education?

     Y’all might want to read this article on Heatley in the California media…

     Oh well, y’all got him now.  What are you going to do with him?  There will be one issue — and only one issue — next election.  Where do you stand on Edmond Heatley?  We know where the Gang of Five stands.  Pam Adamson, Alieka Anderson, Wanda Smith, Mary Baker, and Ophelia Burroughs.  Write down their names and spread the word.  They are LIKELIKE?  What is LIKELadies Insisting on Keeping Ed!  I don’t like LIKE!

     Pam Adamson is Heatley‘s Number One Cheerleader, right?  Where does Sid Chapman and GAE-CCEA stand on Heatley?  Let’s see now…Jessie Goree has been Heatley‘s Number One Nemesis.  She, for years, had been a member of CCEA, but CCEA refused to endorse her, right?  Hmm.  Does this make any sense?  Jessie Goree didn’t need CCEA‘s endorsement.  She had the people’s vote.  She will win again…with the people, not with Sid Chapman.

     Sid, are you afraid that Heatley is about to put you back into the classroom?  Perhaps my oblique criticism of  you will help you curry favor with Heatley and stay out of the classroom.  Ha!  Now how is it that your stuff is run through the Clayton County School System so that you can still get credit with the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) of Georgia?  How does this work?  I thought that the old school board put a stop to this.  Hmm.  Maybe I ought to apply for that kind of deal.  What do  you think?  MACE could just use the Clayton County School System as a conduit to TRS, right?  Or, would this be fraudulent?  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?  I too am a former teacher in Clayton County.  Ha!  Don’t let me upset you too much.  Go get some Maalox.


     Now “One Smart Teacher” (someone on Get Schooled who said that we should stick with people from Georgia for superintendents), you may be talking about taking money away from Glenn Brock and other superintendent search “specialists.”  Ha!  I could have been blindfolded and found someone better than Heatley.  Is Edmond Heatley the kind of leadership material that the Broad Foundation is producing?  Hmm.  Perhaps Eli and Edith Broad should have stayed in the insurance business and left education for the educators.


     I understand that Edmond Heatley entered into an SRO Contract with fellow Nuper Kim Kimbrough, the Sheriff of Clayton County, to the tune of 1.4 million dollars in August of 2010 but just brought the matter to the school board in March of 2011.  Please tell me this is not so.  Please.  But, I have heard this from reliable — very reliable — sources.  Didn’t the school board pass a policy when Barbara Pulliam was the superintendent that anything over $15,000 or $20,000 had to be brought to the board for approval BEFORE entering into any agreement or contract?  Hmm.  What about this, Mark Elgart?  What about this, Ms. District Attorney?  I understand that Ms. District Attorney Graham doesn’t play.  Well, this certainly would be a matter worth investigating.  If this is true about the contract with the Sheriff’s Office, then Edmond Heatley appears to be out-of-control.  But, what do I know?  I’m just an outside observe.


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