Coming Soon…Article On Glenn Brock, Educational Expert Or Educational Rogue?


Does Glenn Brock &  His Law Firm Advise School Boards & Supes To Strictly Follow The Law?

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     Give me a few days, and, Lord willing, I will be posting an article on Glenn Brock, major partner in the Brock, Clay, Calhoun & Rogers law firm centered in Marietta, Georgia.  This firm is “counsel” for several Georgia school boards and supertintendents and has apparently positioned itself as being an expert in school law in Georgia.  Ha!  We will see how “expert” this firm is in the laws applicable to public education in Georgia!  Ha!  We will see!

     You guys know that I like to take on those who seem to be puffed up in their perceived self-importance.  I can’t seem to help it, but I just strike out at those whom I perceive to be corporate or educational bullies.  I am not a physically violent person at all.  People who have been around me for years will tell you in a heartbeat that they have never seen me grab someone or lunge toward someone.   I just have no temptation at all to commit any form — no matter how small — of assault or battery.  But, with words, I will go to battle.  I understand the slander and libel laws.  I don’t ever want to slander or libel a soul, and, of course, the absolute defense against any slander or libel is the truth.  And, when someone or corporate entity becomes a public official or public figure, then he, she, it, or they must have thick and tough skin because the glare of the calcium light of truth sometimes gets hot.

     Let’s look at how Glenn Brock and his firm advises school superintendents and school boards.  Let’s look at their actions under the legal tutelage of Glenn Brock and the Brock Clay law firm.  (Chuck Clay, Glenn‘s major partner, was Republican State Senator as well as Chairman of the Georgia GOP in the past, and the firm has seemed to profit by its Republican connections.)  How does ole Glenn (via “Brock, Clay, and Associates,” the “search firm” within the “family”) go about “searching” and “delivering” superintendent candidates to school boards?  John Phillips and Susan Andrews in MuscogeeJames Wilson, Cindy Loe, and Robert Avossa in FultonEdmond Heatley in ClaytonMichael Hinojosa and others in Cobb?  There are more, but we name these because they might be more familiar to the readers.   No one so far in DeKalb, although ole Glenn tried to get in on the action there.  But, Ray and Associates, another “search firm,” handled that fiasco.

     Who died and made Glenn Brock the Educational Pimp of Georgia School Boards?  Ahhhh, we will look into the details of the interactions of this Marietta operation with the public school boards of GeorgiaBig Chicken Enterprises?  Ha!

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