Citizens of Dallas Taking Shots At Michael Hinojosa As He Uses His Charm On The Marietta Daily Journal And Other Cobb County Luminaries.


By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

        Wow…since the folks of Dallas have learned of Michael Hinojosa‘s flirtation with Cobb County, they have been  giving him “the business,” so to speak.  In the various media outlets, it appears that the people of Dallas are blowing off some pent steam about Michael Hinojosa.  I don’t think that he could have won a popularity contest in Dallas before Cobb County entered into the picture, but now if couldn’t even get elected dog catcher in CowboyTown.  They have almost universally stated that they felt that his heart wasn’t in the job, that he was essentially a gold-digger looking out always for the next educational bonanza to park his wagon, and that he has been disingenuous in his dealings with the Dallas Independent School Board

        But, meanwhile, Hinojosa has been trotting around the county named for Thomas Willis Cobb, cousin to the famous Thomas R. R. Cobb and Howell Cobb, all skilled politicians in their own rights.  He was probably taken to the Big Chicken but not the Marietta town square where the still raw memories of Leo Frank haunt the citizens.  Otis Brumby himself may have been rocking a little swifter in his famous rocker while the enigmatic Michael Hinojosa charmed him and his colleagues on the editorial board of the Marietta Daily Journal yesterday morning.  Today, a half dozen men in dark suits and ties from the MACE teachers union picketed the Cobb County Board of Education with signs which read: “Heck NO!  To Hinojosa!”“Cobb Students & Teachers Deserve Better Than Hinojosa!”; and “School Board, What Were You Thinking?  Glenn Brock?” and such.  This event was covered by the MDJ, with the reporter taking photos, but will ole Otis spoil Hino‘s reception into Cobb County with muted voices…or will he lay out the red carpet?  Perhaps Otis Brumby (who puts out some fine journalistic ventures) doesn’t realize that virtually all of the “national” superintendents interview well…and put on the charm offensive…like the Hino did with the Cobb‘s leading luminaries yesterday. 

        The following is just one of many criticisms lodge against Michael Hinojosa in Dallas this past week.  The following shot was on the CBS/DFW television website…

John Patterson:

“School superintendents are slime. They don’t care anything about teachers or students. All they care about is how fat they can make their wallets. Too bad that the school boards don’t get a clue and stop putting up with these job-hopping opportunists. Oh, and not to mention a salary approaching a half million a year? For what? And why do taxpayers have to fund his lavish lifestyle and primal greed? It’s just staggering how many billions of dollars we’ve dumped into education, and all we have to show for it is fat-cat administrators and Democrat-voting teachers’ unions.”

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6 Responses to Citizens of Dallas Taking Shots At Michael Hinojosa As He Uses His Charm On The Marietta Daily Journal And Other Cobb County Luminaries.

  1. Phil says:

    Dr T, You are so right about Michael Hinojosa!!! Keep pouring it on!!! Yes…MACE! The strongest and toughest teachers union in Georgia! The other groups are probably linin up to kiss his ass!!!

  2. ZEKE says:


  3. Doyle White says:

    Typical booger eating top level administrator. All about getting his retirement up.

  4. mary morehed says:

    He is not there for the benefit of the children. He is there to rip off another 80 million plus dollars for the Board of Directors that hired him.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Mary: By “He,” I presume that you mean Michael Hinojosa. Yes, he seems to be swimming in the dough, so to speak. I hear that hs has a very handsome (near $250,000 per year) retirement from Texas. Now, he has his huge contract from the Cobb County Board of Education on top of this! Wow. But, I don’t follow you on the specific “80 million plus dollars” that you referenced. Maybe I am just uninformed on this piece. Please keep us updated on the happenings up there in Big Chicken County, O. K,? Thanks for reading and commenting!

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