What Was the Cobb County School Board Thinking…Hiring Michael Hinojosa? What’s Wrong With Going Local?


By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

          You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to Google the name “Michael Hinojosa.”  It’s an unusual name.  Not much confusion here.  Hey Glenn Brock, didn’t you ever learn to Google…or do you just trot on over to the Broad Foundation to let it spoon-feed you one of its “graduates”?  This guy Hinojosa is a educational train wreck about to happen…on Glover Street in Marietta, no less.  This controversial superintendent is disliked by teachers, was over-seeing a budget which was going to rid the Dallas Independent School District of 3,900 employees, 3,000 of whom are teachers.  From what I gather from a quick internet search is Hinojosa is the typical big city superintendent, wanting the teachers to lower their academic and disciplinary standards.  If the students (no matter how lazy) don’t meet even the lower standards, then it’s the teachers’ fault, and they will promptly be put on professional improvement plans (Professional Development Plans — PDPs — here in Georgia).  Folks, here we go again!  Glenn Brock, why ole why, do you bring us folk like Michael Hinojosa?  (I presume that you were the “search” firm.  Your law firm does represent the school system, and your search firm seems to always return just “one finalist” to present to the school boards which have retained your “services.”)  Do you want controversies?  Does your law firm make more money on controversy and more termination hearings?  Are we sensing a conflict-of-interest here?  I do.

          If the large Cobb County School System does not have a single soul who has been prepared or has prepared himself or  herself to step into the role of superintendent (like Ingram and other local guys in the past), then this is a sad commentary on Cobb County and its talent base.  I bet that there are dozens of administrators in Cobb County who are capable of doing a better job that this Michael Hinojosa will do.  First of all, they know the community and the personnel.  I remember the gypsies…Tocco from Pinellas County, Florida, Srelec from Oklahoma (how long did he stay…two months?), and the General, just to name a few.  Appointed superintendents on the national harlot circuit are all the same.  People often wonder how I am so right on these guys and gals.  Well, here is my secret.  I am 57 years old and have been around this business from the day that I was born.  I have seen it all.  I have observed that the “national” wonders who are brought in to be “saviors” of the school systems are all — yes, virtually ALL — the same.  They are willing to leave friends, family, community, and church to get another job…with big money, perks, and power.  They bring their “family/cult” members with them.  The usual sycophant/hatchet men and women.  They eat and drink heartily from the public trough — many even get girlfriends and boyfriends (lots of perks, right?!) — and live high off the hog.  After the first year honeymoon is over, they try to implement their dubious plans to raise the almighty test scores to close the achievement gaps, etc.  By the end of the second year, the public and employees are screaming bloody murder!  They detest this “new” superintendent!  Then, in year three, the school board does the “school board shuffle,” as it tries to figure out how to get rid of this egomaniac without having too much egg on the board’s collective face. 

          The same thing happens over and over.  Then, the board will pause…and come up with the wise notion that perhaps — just perhaps — people will with be more content with a “local” choice.  But, hey, then Glenn Brock and Chuck Clay couldn’t make as much money!  Ha!  Y’all know that I just tell the truth.  I don’t give a rat’s ass about being politically correct.  See you at the Big Chicken!

          I forgot to mention that Michael Hinojosa just lost out on the ole so tasty job in Las Vegas!  Now this would have metaphorically been a most apropos opportunity for an educational harlot.  But, when he didn’t get the job, Hinojosa apparently told the Dallas School Board that he was really committed to them for the future.  In fact, I think that he had three full years on his contract.  I believe that this pronounce took place in September.  Now, a few months later, he has proven to be unfaithful yet another time to his lovely Dallas School Board.  He apparently got the itch and wanted to jump into a another school board bed.  Miss Cobb was just too irresistible.  Truly irresistible.

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4 Responses to What Was the Cobb County School Board Thinking…Hiring Michael Hinojosa? What’s Wrong With Going Local?

  1. Cobb Teacher says:

    What WAS the board thinking?

  2. Miss Millicent Waters says:

    Cobb County School Board, the teachers of DISD thank you!!!!!

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      Miss Waters: We presume that “DISD” is the Dallas Independent School District. We understand! Ha! School boards never learn, do they?

  3. pitying you now says:

    What y’all have to look forward to: Wasted million$; loss of Caucasian and African-American teachers; complete supplanting of the English language by Spanish; lies positioned as “research” to facilitate all of the afore-mentioned; Cinco de Mayo and Diezyseiz celebrations; cessation of all things American; nepotism en masse; corruption; destruction; his eventual departure. Start praying, ya pore thangs.

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