The People of Clayton County: Thanks A Lot, Ericka Davis, Rod Johnson, Eldrin Bell, & Uncle Mark. You Left Our County A Wasteland!

 Eldrin Bell Helped Bring SACS…And Destroy Clayton.

 By Dr. John Trotter

     The people of Clayton County are not doing cartwheels about the Russian (SACS) Army leaving Clayton County.  They are certainly not standing on their heads and spitting nickels.


     I presume that one salient reason why people in Clayton County can’t get so excited about the SACS Army withdrawing from Clayton County is that people realized all along that SACS has treated Clayton differently…the essence of the definition of discrimination.  More Fulton County School Board members micromanage the administration than Clayton board members ever imagined to do.  Just ask former superintendent John Haro.  He left after only a few months, disillusioned, as I recall, over the egregious micromanaging of school board members.

     Complaints galore have reportedly been filed with SACS about Fulton County, but Mark Elgart apparently will have nothing to do with Fulton County suffering the same devastating losses as Clayton County has.  Clayton County became a wasteland…like a bombed-out Third World country harboring terrorists.  Mark Elgart lives in Fulton County, and Fulton gets preferential treatment.  Need I talk about Cobb’s 57 illegal school board meetings?  What about Alvin Wilbanks’ egregious and flagrant violation of Georgia’s requirement that he report, as Superintendent of Gwinnett, all of the serious disciplinary offenses to the State?  Need I even mention Atlanta and DeKalb?  None of these “gangsta school systems” have been reduced to hapless and near homeless status as the Clayton County School System itself.  Millions upon millions dollars were lost in Clayton County…from the residents, businesses, the school system, and the children.  A puppet dictator (thanks, Glenn Brock) has been installed to commandeer and lord over the “peasants” (yes, this is how they are treated!) of the school system. Thanks, Ericka Davis, Rod Johnson, and Eldrin Bell.  This was very thoughtful and brilliant of you to call in the Russian Army (SACS) to “help” Clayton.  With this kind of “help,” Clayco never needs any enemies!

     It was the BRIGHT IDEA of Ericka Davis, Rod Johnson, and Eldrin Bell to call in the Russian Tanks (General Mark Elgart’s huffing and puffing about the fake accreditation — only bolstered by the State’s mistake to tie the HOPE Scholarship to it) to “help” Ericka because Ericka was losing her power and influence on the school board.  Ericka Davis was indeed the number one culprit on the school board when it came to egregious micromanaging, committing grave errors of judgment and ethics, etc.  But, Eldrin was going to “help” his long-time friend.  Yes, call the SACS Politburo and asked to speak to Comrade Mark Elgart.  The SACS tanks came ‘a rollin’ down Interstate I-75 and the rest is history.  If we only had a Marshall Plan to help rebuild the post-Stalinist regime in Clayton County.  Thanks a lot, Uncle Mark!

Is Mark Elgart Proud That He Helped Destroy Clayton County?  It Was About Control, Not The Children!  How Did This Help The Children, Markie?


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