Does Your Administrator Need A “Needs Improvement”?

So many times the administrators in the State of Georgia use the evaluative process in a manipulative, retributive, and punitive manner. If an administrator is piqued at you for any reason (it could even be as petty as because you are prettier than her and out-dressed her), then the evaluation is her (and his) way to keep you humbled, in line, on your toes, and stressed out. More than likely, you simply questioned your administrator’s hair-brain moves or dubious tactics whether in instruction or in dealing with a student. They never want to be questioned. They apparently think that they are demigods. You as a teacher are supposed to worship the ground that they walk on, didn’t you know this? And please do not send any incorrigible, defiant, disruptive, and impudent student to the office to see the administrator or correction and punishment! Please don’t do that! Didn’t you know that these weasel and booger-eatin’ administrators are too good to handle any discipline? This is the very thing that they should be handling — to enable the classroom educators to teach those students who are motivated to learn in an orderly manner without the chronic and substantial disruption of the learning processes by the student-thugs who are intent on playing cops and robbers. Yep, if you write up these thugs and send them to the administrator’s office, you will likely find yourself being written up by the pitiful and scared and perhaps vindictive administrator.

Perhaps you have an administrator who needs to improve. Is there an administrator whom you know who “Needs To Improve”? It’s appears to be O. K. for the administrators to evaluate the teachers. What about the teachers evaluating the administrators? Here’s your chance…

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8 Responses to Does Your Administrator Need A “Needs Improvement”?

  1. CAORL Thompson says:


  2. Exceptional Teacher says:

    Ms. Nancy Martin, Principal of Central Gwinnett High (formerly principal of Pinckneyville Middle.) NEEDS INPROVEMENT

  3. Lithia Springs Teacher says:

    Lithia Springs High School, Douglas County – All of them.

    A.P.: Alton Bias, Lee Collins, Sarah Fredenburg, Caroline Whitt.

    Principal: Fred Ervin

    There is absolutely no discipline whatsoever at the school. It is so bad that the I.S.S. person asked for a transfer. (He graduated from Lithia and has coached there sixteen years.) There were so many transfer requests to go to the new school that they had to limit the number of teachers leaving Lithia.

    How can they be added to the list?

  4. lizzzza says:

    Mr. Toney, Rockdale County, Peek’s Chapel Elementary School
    Pays children to be good
    Children fight and nothings happens to them
    children run, walk, out of the class, nothing happens
    children allowed to strike teachers and call them names
    hide many problems that should be reported to DFAS
    educational neglect, parents taking children in and out of school all time of the day. same students come to school late everyday (2hours) (leave early 1-2) or don’t come at all
    front office is not manned, visitors walk the hallways, without name badges and being signed in
    children and parents run the school
    he is very unprofessional (favortism)
    Teachers at that school are sick of the bull&**&& and they are leaving

  5. bigD says:

    Tyronne Smith, principal of Mays High School, along with his academy “leaders”. The entire group of them are unprofessional, inept, and highly unethical in their “leadership” practices.

  6. mrbigbopper says:

    Dr. Norman Hart, principal of Twiggs County High School. Not a “bad man per se, just inept. Not an administrator at all. And of course the super- Dr. Valya Lee. The district is not only operating on thin ice, but questionable ice.

    • thegeorgiacitizen says:

      MrBigBopper: I don’t know Dr. Hart, but he has a forum here if he wants to respond. I’d rather err on the side of openness. But, I always want to be fair-minded and give the administrators (or school board members and school board lawyers) the opportunity to respond. After all, we are dealing in the public arena, and this is PUBLIC taxpayer dollars that is being used. So, these administrators are public figures. I do know Dr. Valya Lee and have always thought of her as being a competent administrator while she was in Clayton County. She was only an interim superintendent in Clayton County, but I feel strongly that the teachers in Clayton County would swap “Hurricane” Edmond Heatley for her any day! Ha! I have never seen a superintendent so apparently despised as Edmond Heatley is in Clayton County by the employees. I know that I have never seen a situation like this in Clayton County, and I have been a rather keen observer of Clayton County school politics for almost 30 years. He could start off by taking the “kid” out of Human Resources, Douglas (Doug) Hendrix. Better yet, Heatley can make folks happy in Clayton County by just returning to Chino Valley, California, but I don’t think that they want him out there either!

    • Gigi says:

      I agree with this assertion about Dr. Hart. Not a bad guy. he was just totally clueless. Nice facade, but that’s all there is: a facade. As far as Dr Lee goes, she left Twiggs County schools almost financially broke.

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