What If College Coaches Couldn’t Choose Their Own Players? Or Had To Tolerate Impudent & Defiant Players?

[I must write about 25 articles and blogs each week. This is just one of the ones that I wrote back in the Fall of 2010 during the college football season. It sees appropriate considering how classroom educators are held responsible for the performance of “students” who are both impudent and defiant. This is so ludicrous. We wouldn’t think about holding others to the same standard. John Trotter.]

Another great day of College Football. I was thinking…what if Coaches Gene Chizik or Mark Richt or Nick Saban had to jump through a zillion bureaucratic hurdles just to get rid of a player who refuses to attend practice or, when he did attend practice, refuses to participate and just disrupts everything? What would we think if he had to keep this kid on the team? We would think that this was unconscionable. This is exactly what is happening to our public school teachers. Teachers are forced to keep in the classroom those so-called “students” who are attending class but are not participating in the learning process; rather, they do nothing but disrupt the learning process for those students who are indeed motivated to learn.

I am impressed with Florida’s Trey Burton (a record six touchdowns last week against Kentucky). He is called “Tebow Light.” Florida versus Alabama ought to be a classic tonight, but I am getting ready to watch “The U” (aka Miami) take on Clemson in Clemson’s homecoming game. This too will be a war, so to speak. Clemson looked terrific in the first half against Auburn a couple of weeks ago, but Miami, if it can get by Clemson, has a chance to run the table for the rest of the season and redeem itself for its loss at The Horseshoe (against Ohio State). [Miami had a disappointed season, and Coach Randy Shannon was replaced. I like Shannon and thought he was done wrong. Auburn went on to win the National Championship, and Cam Newton won the Heisman Trophy.]

Although I am disappointed, I still have to pull for my Dogs. I have a feeling that they are going to put on a show in Colorado tonight. [Colorado upset the Dogs, and the Bulldog Nation began the great murmuring of 2010.]

Yep, we would not even think about allowing unmotivated football players to waste our time pretending to be players. We allow the coaches to routinely “run them off.” But, the classroom educators have to put up with the impudent and disrespectful “students,” and then the educrats blame the teachers for not working miracles (literally, miracles) with so-called “students” who simply refuse to learn. These are my thoughts as I am getting juiced up for a great day of college football. What say ye? (c) MACE, October 2, 2010.

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