Should Kathy Cox Hang It Up?

We must admit that Georgia’s State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox has accomplished very little in her two-term reign. Should she step down and go back to teaching at Fayette’s Sandy Creek High School? Let us know what you think.

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3 Responses to Should Kathy Cox Hang It Up?

  1. Incredulous says:

    You’re kidding, right!? She should have been publicly flogged and summarily dismissed following her television appearance and the subsequent proceeds being donated to charity. I would have liked to see a better vetting of her PRIOR to becoming our Secretary of Education. I mean really! What kind of an example and what kind of leadership can we expect with this continuous lowering of the bar.

  2. Incredulous says:

    I meant verbally, and not physically flogged.

  3. I'll go to the well again says:

    I posted a response earlier, but it seems to have disappeared. Kathy Cox should have been excused when her her winnings from the game show were sought after to pay off her business debts. What kind of an example do her personal actions set for the state education system?

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