Tell us about your principal…Make it plain now!

We believe that administrators are ruining our

public schools.  What say ye?

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30 Responses to Tell us about your principal…Make it plain now!

  1. Frustrated? Mad? Outraged? We Can Feel Your Pain. If you just have to shout it out — and your spouse, significant other, or friends just don’t want to hear it anymore, then get on this blog and let the world hear!

  2. Name Withheld (Out of Fear)/APS Teacher says:

    My principal is a complete slut…I hate to say it, but she just plain slept her way to the top. She can’t write a lick, and she has NO leadership skills. In fact, he has two tattoes on her arms, and she treats us as if we were from the ghetto ourselves. So, this is what our school sytems have come to? If you are not in the right sorority and the kiss-up club, you’re not going anywhere. You are NOTHING but something to be stepped upon. It is so sad. I wish Oprah or someone could do a real revealing show about this.

  3. Nemo says:

    I teach special ed in a small system in South Georgia. A student pulled out his thing and pissed all over my desk. I wrote him up and sent the incident report to the office, and the principal wrote me back and said she needed more details. She also asked if I had contacted the parents first and if I had looked at his IEP to see if that pissing on my desk was part of his handicapping condition. Is this insane or what? Like MACE says, it’s a motivational breakdown, not a mental or technical breakdown. Any person knows that it is not O. K. to piss on the teacher’s desk, although I remember when I was in junior high and some of my friends pissed in the referee’s car after he tried to steal the football game from us.

    • McNair MS Teacher says:

      A few years ago when I was teaching at this real dump called McNair Middle School in Fulton County, our ISS Teacher always took a thermos of tea to his ISS class. He was called out of the classroom one time, and some kid or maybe more than one kid urinated in his Sweet Iced Tea. The teacher came back into the room and later took a gulp from the thermos of Sweet Iced Tea — only this time the tea wasn’t so sweet! True story. You can’t make this stuff up!

  4. Jerry of Coastal GA and then DeKalb (Ouch!) says:

    I taught in southeastern Georgia (on the coast) for ten years. Got a divorce and thought the grass was greener in the Atlanta area. I agree with the previous blogger. This is my 14th year in DeKalb, and quite frankly, I don’t know if I can make another six years. The students are awful. The parents are just as bad. The administrations totally kow-tows to these two groups. Teachers are treated like 3rd or 4th class citizens. Certainly not as professionals but as the enemy. I have a principal who, as a person, is pretty nice, but he is totally afraid of the parents and their little hellion children. The school is totally out-of-control. The principal is a nice guy but just a chicken shit.

  5. Where is the advocacy for teachers? says:

    Why does one get the feeling if a legitimate, confidential survey of teachers was taken, the posts above would be scarily normal?

    Yet have these issues ever been addressed by the two largest educator organizations in the state? As an aside, it would be nice if teachers themselves would stop referring to them as teacher unions, because they are as much teacher unions as the National Rifle Association is an animal rights group.

    Seriously, if you are a teacher who is one of the alleged 40,000 members of GAE, how are you expecting an organization whose president is an administrator to feel your pain?

    And if you are a teacher who is one of the alleged 60,000 plus members of PAGE do you remember how PAGE fought for your tenure when “King Rat” Roy Barnes took away your fail dismissal rights?

    Of course you don’t! That’s because PAGE caved in. Why teachers continue to reward them for that travesty by paying their hard earned money to them is beyond me.

    If that isn’t bad enough, don’t forget, when Sonny was threatening to go back on Teachers Retirement COLA raises, PAGE was the organization that, in typical fashion, said both sides of the debate had merit!

    You fight 30 years in the trenches of the classroom, you are made a promise by Teachers Retirement, and PAGE claims that breaking that promise has merit? And people still claim this is a teachers’ organization?

    As much as the previous posters indicate just how anti-teacher the education environment is these days, might it be time for teachers to consider joining organizations that are unequivocally in their corner, no matter which way the political winds blow?

    And speaking of being unequivocally in your corner, now that “King Rat” Roy has announced his new bid for power, have GAE and PAGE put him on notice that they will fight for your fair dismissal rights?

    If you’re a member of those organizations, you might want to contact them and ask; hopefully they will respond. But if you want to talk about response times for those two organizations; well, let’s just say be happy they aren’t in charge of 911 emergency services.

  6. Mystified says:

    I teach (or at least try to teach with all of the confusion) in Cobb County. I teach in an elementary school and have a young principal. She seems to enjoy inflicting as much emotional pain on teachers as she can. She is mean as sh_t!

    • I WILL BE BACK says:

      Start noting issues. Keep great records. You may not need them, but imagine being the difference between a co-worker being railroaded or being allowed to continue educating!

      Each time teachers pay PAGE dues, they weaken the profession further. They in essence pay for representation of an administrator against an educator.

      Karma may someday swing around and bite this administrator in her butt, however, if you are out of the profession before this happens, they win….

  7. Newton County Teacher says:

    Iam a social studies teacher in Newton county. Iam so glad summer is finally here. This is the only break I get all year from the kids who terrorize me at school. the kids arent horrible; however, they realize there are no consequences anymore. I would have run wild to as a teenager in these conditions. BRING BACK THE BOARD OF EDUCATION…..PLEASE!!!!!

    • I WILL BE BACK says:

      As a former Newton County teacher and a current parent of a Newton County student, I can attest to the fact that my child is often worried to attend school at the middle school level…. His unwillingness to be disrespectful makes him a target for bullies who do harrass the teachers. Now with our reporting website gone in Newton County, we cannot keep informed of daily assignments, etc. to help keep our kids on track. Come on, NEWTON, get your act together!!!

  8. Get REAL! says:

    You know how we raised our tests scores at our elemnetary school??? You guessed it. The principal and her kiss-ups simply worked late several evenings AFTER the studentgs took the CRCT….ERASING answers and CHANGING the answers. People are OUTRAGED. The counselor/testing coordinator didn’t really want to do it, but she is a single mom with three children (and an ex-husband that’s not about anything!). The principal/tyrant demanded a 10% raise in test scores!!! She got a 23% increase!!! EVeryone knows it’s not REAL…even our “good” superintendent!!!

  9. lee in APS says:

    They stayed after work to correct test scores, that’s too much work for my principle, she just has us teach the test. Then she threatens us with a PDP if the scores aren’t good enough. The teachers who really need to provide for there families and dont want a paper trail fall in line. Sad situation comprise your morals and hurt the kids or get outta education. Tough Call!

  10. Teacher's helper says:

    Teachers, if you’re going to post about the worst practices of administrators and school systems, please proofread.

    The concerns are valid, but when they are presented with poor spelling and grammar, it’s yet another reason to discount them and blame teachers.

  11. Why Do I Bother says:

    First of all, it was bad enough when I worked for Dekalb County and the job I had was taken away behind my back and that labled a principal decided to tell me two weeks later after the whole school knew first. Just so happened I was told as well and when “that” told me, I was highly upset with her. Now that I am with Fulton County that labled the principal is now giving me the most worst class in history. These students have beaten up other students, bullied and cursed out the teachers, have the pre-k students so afraid to pass the class that it is ridiculous, ripped work from the walls, and a host of other things. The yellow-back administrators with no back bone only tell you to do what they want just to keep them silent. When you push the button, they take their sweet time coming and then later tell you about classroom management. I am so sick of working under administrators who are nothing but big stupid individuals who are afraid of students and parents. Since these students and parents know this, they are taking full advantage of this. Also, if you are not in the click, it makes it even worst. I was once told that if I would just go with the flow, I would not have these problems. I was not raised to do the wrong thing and insult my parents’ and grandparents’ memories. It is a sad state because education has gone to the dogs, and no one in the county offices seems to care. Instead, they come up with these so-called stupid intervention programs that they say should work all the while I am suppose to be getting the students ready for that CRCT test. You are to blame if your students don’t pass, and “that” principal hurt me so bad when he displayed my class’s test scores last August where none of them passed that state test. Half of those hell-raisers were in in my classroom that previous year. All of them are several grade levels below and some are suppose to be in middle school. Every since my birthday on June 1st, the day I got the news, my days have been nothing but sick feeings knowing what just has been dumped into my lap. I had to have surgery before school was out and that is when I believe the other three so-called special education teachers, who did nothing but dump their behavior problems into my classroom, helped “that” principal from hell make that decision. I had a great year in k-2. All of my second graders passed the CRCT. My first grade special education girls passed the test but scores were given to the regular education teachers. My first grade boys [no] one passed language arts but their scores were in the high range and close to 800. As for the other classrooms, they had nothing but problems everyday but I must say it was the teachers fault because they allowed it to happen. They spent more time in the hallways and laughing at what happened that day instead of trying to figure out how to solve the problem. I tried to give them advice but when I saw they were not listening, I stopped. Now all of their hell is combined in one classroom dumped in my lap to solve. I don’t want to hear it is because I have good classroom management but because the admininstrators think I won’t push the button and therefore they won’t have to get off their lazy butts to do the job they are getting paid for. On my birthday, I had to be rushed to the hospital for bleeding because I thought about that decision so much. I asked that principal to sign a transfer form because I can’t believe that their are males in the school and they are expecting a women to do their jobs with all of these male students with severe behavioral problems and the level of a first grader they can’t control but will write me up if I don’t. I pray to God to bless me with a new position. My dreams of becoming a teacher now has me wondering if I made the right choice in careers. It is bad that something I love is turning into something I am starting to hate. I am not looking forward to August.

  12. thegeorgiacitizen says:

    Dear “Why”: I think that you accurately summed up what goes on so much in our schools. Administrators are indeed afraid of the kids and their parents. There are cliques galore in the schools. If you kiss the administrators in their posteriors, then you do indeed get a better selection of students put in your classes. It seems that having integrity in the schools is a liability these days. And, if you do a good job managing a bunch of defiant and disruptive students, then they will just put more of these type students in your classes. Hang in there, and, if you are not a member of a union, join one today. I recommend MACE. MACE is by far the most aggressive and really the only one that the administrators are afraid of. I hope your operation went well and that you get some much-needed rest before school starts back in August.

  13. CGS says:

    Just finished a farse of a hearing my by Cobb County Board tribunal. This tribunal was made up of 3 board members. The decision was made to non-renew my contract before I even walked in the door. My attorneys ran circles around the counties/administrations and proved every charge false. Guess they missed the important parts since the tribunal was to busy text messaging, the so called legal advocate was sleeping and the opposing attorneys were surfing the net to find out whatelse was up with the Michael Jackson issues. Oh, I have pictures and witnesses to these actions and even when we, me, my family and friends and my attorney felt there was no way they could suggest to the rest of the board that I should have my contract renewed for the 2009-2010 year we were wrong. My attorney received a two sentence email saying the tribunal had unanimously agreed to recommend the non-renewal. Oh, there is so much more, I had even put in for a transfer in February and my principal kept extending my professional development plan I could not transfer. See, in Cobb County, on a PDP you can not transfer out. Also, I am a science teacher in a middle school and was switced to social studies this past year to a curriculum I had never taught. I was set up for failure, had to work in a hostle environment and my ADHD was not even considered. Yes, the AA knew of the ADHD. They all will now since I have gone to the EEOC/ADA and filed a complaint about the crooked, unethical, unprofessional creeps I have had to endure for the past 2 years. NEVER have I received a Needs Improving on my end of year evaluations until these last two years when a new principal came on board. I just finished my 10th year teaching. Whoever thinks administration can’t manipulate things to get what or who they want in or out of a school must be living in a pipe dream. BEWARE ALL TEACHERS AND KEEP VERY GOOD DOCUMENTATION. Even with all my documentation, I still lost the fight but the war is not over.

  14. I WILL BE BACK says:

    After four years of teaching, receiving excellent results on CRCT tests, excellent feedback from parents, and having successful years “on paper”, I have left the profession. But, I will be back.

    A dishonest principal in Newton County, Georgia and a hysterical Superintendent in Butts County, Georgia have created stress in my life beyond belief. While MACE came to my rescue and the results were IN my favor, I still lost. I lost my belief in the profession. I know MACE would have defended me each and every subsequent year and in each and every subsequent county in Georgia where I chose to teach… but why (for a measly little amount per month) should they be expected to do this?

    One administrator can ruin your life, your career, and your basis for believing the four years (or more!) of college you attended and excelled in were “worth it”. You can do everything right, and still end up losing your reputation, job options, and motivation…. as I have… but again, I will be back.

    I met the MACE folks several years ago after starting the profession. They will represent you, they may even win and allow you to keep your job, but they cannot change the administrator if the administrator is allowed to remain in place.

    ONLY YOU can HELP MACE get rid of these abusive administrators. If you stay silent, multitudes of other teachers can be harrassed, forced from the profession, and permanently affected. If you allow this to happen, eventually the fabric of the profession will be thinly woven with teachers afraid to speak. The profession will NEVER improve.

    HELP MACE TO HELP YOU! You may feel your fees go toward everything you need, but one school board hearing might otherwise cost you THOUSANDS of dollars! If your yearly fee is under 1,000 (and I am quite certain no one is paying that much for membership), MACE would “break even” if you had just one incident every ten years. In the current climate of the educational profession: CAN YOU BE SURE OF YOUR NEXT TEN YEARS? I only taught for FOUR and had some hellacious years!

    Without fees rising, ask yourself as a MEMBER of MACE, what can you do to help? While I am only a member, I cannot speak for those in the MACE administration, but I believe in asking. If nothing else, KEEP DOCUMENTATION and LET MACE KNOW YOU HAVE THIS DOCUMENTATION! Your experience, if revealed, may be the straw to break the back of the school board and convince them to rid the profession of another administrative albatross!

    After leaving the profession, plenty of teachers crawled out of the woodwork with information about OUR former administrators! MONTHS TOO LATE FOR ME! They were too scared to come forward or did not realize there was so much turmoil just down the hall from where they were silently suffering. With their input, I might have been able to report not only that “I WON” but maybe also that “THE PROFESSION WON”. In my case, the administrator remains in place to cause others great pain.

    To sum up this post-turned-manifesto, I will indeed be back…. Meeting MACE, Mr. Haynes, Mr. Cox, Dr. Trotter, and Atty. Andy Ramey gave me the strength and inspiration I needed to leave the profession and go back to school to study law. I hope that once I have graduated, the fine MACE folks will allow me the privilege of assisting them to improve this profession in any way possible.

    As for those abusive administrators? I suppose they gave me the motivation and opportunity to commit to the next three years of hard work. They also gave me the heat I need to keep my engine running toward the goal… to COME BACK AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    Thank you MACE, for many years of representation. Thank you for the things you do behind the scenes to help improve the profession of teaching.

    GOOD LUCK to all the fine individuals who continue to plug away at the hard job of educating the kids of Georgia. You are like warriors fighting a good fight.

  15. Pissed says:

    Can someone leave some contact info for MACE?

  16. Educator in DeKalb says:

    Robert Shaw Theme School in DeKalb County has made AYP since 2001 – under the direction of formal prinicpal Millicent Black-McDuffie. Neart he end of last year, we learned that she was being transferred (without her consent) to work @ a school where there was a vacancy for a principal. We hated to see her go! We had no idea what we were in for! Euna McGruder was a formal prinicpal at Jolly Elementary School. She was removed from Jolly admist some alleged sex scandal where accusations were made by a male employee who ‘dumped’ her after he got promoted. Allegedly, she started harrassing him and writing him up after he ended their relationship and he in turn filed a grievance against her. Here is another example of how DeKalb County Schools hires family members, friends of friends, as opposed to hiring those who are most qualified for the job. It is my contention that someone who climbed the ladder of success honestly is less like likely to run the risk of ruining their career by doing something as stupid as having a sexual affair with someone you supervise. As a male employee, I strongly believe that I would have been fired for commiting the same offense. When we learned that she was being assigned to our school, MANY teachers were upset. Robert Shaw has always been a school of excellence – a family friendly school. Since Euna McGruder became principal, teachers and staff members are tense, morale is low, she speaks to custodians and secretaries in a demeaning manner. Parents are not pleased with her delivery when speaking @ PTA meetings. She has made derogatory comments about our former principal during faculty meetings – which is very unprofessional. She brags of her relationship with DeKalb’s superintendent – Crawford Lewis. She stresses that he is pleased with her work and mentors her (as if to imply that she is untouchable). Never during my 12 years of employment have I seen a building ran in such an unprofessional manner.

    • Unfornately Lucky???? says:

      HHHHHMMM, how unfortunately lucky I and the rest of my co-workers are….She has the nerve to now be at my school in Baltimore. Co-workers in our school advised others to “google” her name to see just why there wasn’t enough for her to do in GA that she had to travel here. This is after we have experienced her arrogance and unprofessional demeaner in just 2 days. Bmore, I’m sure isn’t paying her that much to come here. She had to have a reason other than the fact that “we could use her services.” We have lots of wonderful people here already who could do that, and realize that we do not need her ass. We wish she’d go elsewhere. She bragged of how she had a job offer in another city and state. We all wish she had taken it. Since she has arrived, we have well over 15 teachers who are out on sick leave and/or she’s gotten rid of them. They take off because of stress, sickness, etc. She gets rid of teachers wh0 question her and don’t allow her to bully them. She even speaks down on our school police officers (not security guards, but law enforcers). She has her favorites and also ones who she tortures all the time. She does not know how to talk to people, and we mean professional people with high credentials (all or most of whom she has let go were highly qualified educators). The same things you are experiencing, we are too. She also brags here of how our superindendent just “loooves” her. She has gone over $60,000 in the school budget after just a few weeks of school. She blurts out your certification status in meetings in front of other staff. She has staff in personal meetings who are not qualified, but she has them in leadership positions (they are just teachers). She is whatever she wants to say “because she can.” There are lots of men staff in the building that she has trained to be her robot. She is definitely a control freak, yet she can’t handle her own affairs. If you disagree with anything that she says, you should have that right (out of respect). This is not in her case…she has to be right at all times. She has also been proven to be a liar. Need I say more…too much to tell, already.

      • Cedric says:

        She blurts out your certification status in meetings in front of other staff. She has staff in personal meetings who are not qualified, but she has them in leadership positions (they are just teachers).

        How can she talk about certifications when she got her PhD from Capella University

  17. New Principal Needed at College Park Elementary School says:

    College Park Elementary School in East Point is run in such an unethical way the only way to clean house here is to completely get rid of the Principal and Assistant Principal and start anew. The facilities are in disrepair and the outside of the building is a complete eyesore overrun with ant hills. The teachers are awesome however, under the extremely poor leadership qualities being exhibited by Principal Gretchen Thornton, our light never get’s to shine. Principle Gretchen Thornton tears down moral in this wonderful elementary school daily with the students, teachers and the parents! She has put a black cloud over this school and the sun won’t shine until she is gone. Gretchen Thornton is disrespectful to her staff and the parents that bring their children to us each day. College Park Elementary test scores have dropped during her tenure and we can not see where Principal Gretchen Thornton adds any value to this school. She even closed the school store that benefits the children! Principal Gretchen Thornton must go!! Give this community a principle that really cares not someone who has been kicked out of several schools before and lacks compassion, drive, enthusiasm for the job and is simply waiting out their term to retire. College Park Elementary school is not a crappy Principal’s last stop before they exit education.

    Fulton County Board of Education, stop sending us your junk that nobody else wanted and send a REAL principal that cares to this school!

  18. name withheld says:

    I have always given students the grades they earn and until teaching at my current school, principals have never complained because they knew how I taught and that I gave multiple opportunities for students to pass. The parents run my school, and now I am being maligned and a paper trail is being created. Is there anything I can do to protect my professional reputation?

  19. ANON says:

    What happens if a principal doesn’t give you a end of year eval?

  20. should i be shocked says:

    Wow, I am from Florida and all the things that are being said here on this page are the same that is happening in Florida schools. I too have been railroaded out of a job due to horrible admin responsibilies to the teachers and students of the school. Admin always afraid to tell the parents that they have a little heathen and that they are to be a parent and deal with them. It is a sad state of affairs for this country. No wonder we are no longer the leaders of the world in cranking out awesome students.

  21. Name withheld says:

    I am a wife of a teacher, my husband taught in Fulton County for 10 years prior to us relocating to our hometown. While living in Georgia, my children had the misfortune of attending River’s Edge Elementary (Clayton County) under the leadership of Dr. Hopkins and Mrs. Mohr. These two administrators are notorious for the lies they told teachers and parents. Under the leadership of Dr. Hopkins and Mrs. Mohr, teachers where asked to purchase their own photocopying paper, unless you were one of her spies/favourites; discipline was no longer a verb; excellent teachers were let go and replaced by family members/friends who were not certified; and parents were limited to their visits. I saw an, once vibrate school, filled with teachers that loved their jobs and students that enjoyed learning reduce to nothing. Concerns of parents and teachers were not addressed and arguments between administrators, teachers, and counsellors were the norm. If there are two administrators that should be added to your list of Need In Improvement, these two should be on there.

  22. concerned says:

    I am reading these comments and am saddened. To know that so many good intentioned and hard working teachers are getting the brush off. I actually came upon this site as a reference from another teacher who was so harassed in Gwinnett County that she cam nigh unto having a nervous breakdown. Well – I hope she wins her case. Good schools with good community relations are falling apart. The school at which I taught several years ago was one of those schools. When the new principal came in parents and teachers complained that the school was losing its harmony. Of the 11 teachers at the 5th grade level – only 1 stayed the next year. Some even transferred out of the county. It was not good. It still is not good from what I hear from the grape vine.
    Is there a possibility of a class action suit here??


    My complaint is about Dr. Sam Scavella, the principal at Booker T. Washington High School of Health Science & Nutrition, this man comes with a bad pass. He recently served as Principal of Northeast High School in Bibb County, Macon, GA where he resigned after allegations that he had a sexual relationship with the Graduation Coach, even during the school day. The Graduation Coach claimed that he sexually harassed her after she called it off with him and that she received good reviews during the relationship and bad ones after the relationship. Also under his leadership at Northeast the school had three teachers arrested for sexual harassment against students. He almost got the district and him sued for not reporting one of the harassment to a student’s parents one month later. Before Northeast, he was principal at Blanche Ely High School in Broward County, FL., where he did get sued after a student alleged that a teacher raped her and Scavella did nothing. He was deemed an ineffective leader. While at Northeast, the school had an extremely high increase in discipline problems.

    Dr. Scavella is currently under investigation by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Along with other Bibb County school leaders.

    Articles to read:

  24. Ex-Teacher says:

    After four years as a teacher in Jones County, I had to change districts due to budget cuts. I ended up teaching at Rutland High School for a very brief time. This was my first time teaching in Bibb County. The principal at Northeast encouraged me to apply after reviewing my resume at a job fair. I went on interviews at three different schools, and I was hired at Rutland for the 2010-2011 school year.

    After a month of teaching, I developed an illness directly related to stress. Although there were some good students, most of them were out of control. This was the first time I was every absent from work due to a serious illness. I was out frequently in September, and I went on medical leave in October. I was frequently at the doctor’s office, and he recommended I leave the profession. Though HR was very supportive, an assistant principal decided to send me a GTDRI notification by certified mail for not doing my teaching duties. They had already replaced me since I was not eligible for Family Medical Leave. Since I was on extended approved leave, I called MACE, and they instructed me on my written response. I have since resigned and left the teaching profession. It was the best decision of my life. Now I am at a job I love. I no longer have the illness. It feels great to be able to be excited about going to work for a change.

    Dr. Danielly and Mr. Sparks are good assistant principals at the school. I won’t comment on the other two administrators.

  25. Lois Hunter says:

    To The Teachers, you have had people who fought for you all, but when the attack comes upon them, you all will not help. The teachers help destroy them, along with the accreditation and the chambers of commerce.
    In order for the schools to work, get rid of the chambers of commerce. They are the culprits behind all of this . They find it profitable to invest in other county’s teachers cheap labor and their profit margins go up.
    Teachers, for your own sake, follow the dollars and the school contracts.
    It is a lot of you all. Do the work. ”STOP BEING SCARRED.” Get organized school by school, church by church, faith by faith, neighborhood by neighborhood, bus stop by bus stop, sorority by sorority, husband by husband, wife by wife, child by child, By any means necessary… Do not sell each other out!!!!!!

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