Dr. Trotter Writes to Clayton County Superintendent Morcease Beasley About Principal Rochelle Harris of Mt. Zion Elementary School

Dear Dr. Beasley:

I know that you are not be as old as I am, but I have followed your career for the last twenty years or so and see that you have matriculated throughout a few schools and school systems from DeKalb County Schools to Port Arthur, Texas and back to DeKalb County Schools and down to the Clayton County Public Schools.  By the way, in my career, I started off at DeKalb’s Southwest DeKalb High School, and I also spent some very good and eventful years at the old Jonesboro Jr. High School in the early 1980s.  I also was a teacher in the Athens area and a school administrator in both South Georgia and North Georgia.  But, my greatest experience was living with and also teaching for my father who was a legendary teacher/coach/administrator in the Muscogee Country School District (this is the appellation that this system has been using for decades).  Like my father, I could discipline the students and run a very taut ship, and the disciplined students still respected me and him and lauded our fairness and kindness as a public school educator.  And I learned from my father that you always praise the teachers in public, and if any criticism was in order, you did this only in private.  You always allowed the teachers to save face.  We both realized that if you treated teachers with such fairness and allowed them to maintain their dignity that they would always go the extra mile to serve the students.  In short, leadership by inspiration is much more effective than leadership by intimidation.  Of course when I founded MACE on September 1, 1995, MACE’s mantra was announced to the world:  “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions” (MACE, © 1995).

Over the past two years, the MACE Office has received a sortie of complaints about Principal Rochelle Harris at Mount Zion Elementary School.  The complaints range from the constant derision of the teachers and the condescending upbraiding of the teachers in public and even the egregious violation of the State’s Complaint Law (O.C.G.A. 20-2-989.5).  It has been reported to the MACE Office that when one of the MACE Members filed an official complaint with Principal Harris that Principal Harris ostentatiously tore up the complaint form in front of the complaining teacher.  The State Code of Georgia Annotated specifically states that the complaining teacher has to file the complaint with his or her immediate supervision for the Level One hearing.  The State statute also specifically states in paragraph eight of the above-referenced statute that “the complainant has the right to present relevant evidence, to examine witnesses, and to be heard at each level.”  This statute also has a provision against administrative reprisals against the teacher for filing the complaint.  Principal Harris apparently engaged in an egregious and flagrant violation of the law as it pertains to Georgia educators.

It has also been reported to the MACE Office that after MACE conducted a picket in front of Mount Zion Elementary School in the 2019-2020 school year, Principal Harris and the lunchroom manager cornered one of the MACE Members the day after the picket, “taunt[ing] me in a bullying manner.”  I assure you that treating this teacher who has been teaching for over 20 years in the Clayton system “in a bulling manner” right after the MACE picket violates the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution.  The Court has ruled unequivocally that union membership is freedom of association within the penumbra of the First Amendment and that such alleged action by Principal Harris created what The Court describes as “a chilling effect” on the First Amendment.

Dr. Beasley, I have only cited a few illustrious matters at the school, but MACE is officially requesting that your office investigate and address this sordid situation at Mount Zion Elementary School.


John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

Chairman of the MACE Board


c. School Board members

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Teachers, Are You Feeling Frustrated, Overwhelmed, & Disemboweled? Tired of Snap-shot, Drive-by Evaluations? No Support for Discipline? Feeling 100% Undervalued as a Professional Educator? Don’t Quit! Join MACE. Don’t Teach Without It!

MACE knows the issues. MACE knows what you are going through. Dr. John R. A. Trotter founded MACE in 1995 upon this clarion mantra: “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions” (©MACE, 1995). Dr. Trotter has been a teacher and administrator in several Georgia school systems and came from a long line of Georgia public school educators. Dr. Trotter and the MACE Staff know that the main issues in public education is (1) defiant & disruptive students, (2) irate & irresponsible parents, (3) angry & abusive administrators, (4) forcing teachers to give students grades that they do not truly earn – which is another form of systematic cheating, and (5) the asinine drop-by bubble-the-circles evaluations which are often used against teachers in a manipulative, punitive, and retributive manner.

These days, teachers are so disrespected. They feel downtrodden, frustrated, overwhelmed, and disemboweled. Unlike GAE and PAGE, MACE represents only teachers, not administrators. The MACE representation is aggressive when you need the aggressive representation. Administrators know this. In fact, MACE is the South’s most aggressive teachers’ union. Others have seen MACE’s phenomenal success, and they make the same claim. But their claim is hollow. It’s a shame and a farce. MACE walks the walk and has been providing its teacher-members effective aggressive representation for more than 25 years. When administrators find out that you are a member of MACE, they suddenly get “religion.” Don’t Teach Without MACE!

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MACE’s Law of Learning by Dr. John Trotter

I have been dealing directly in public education in Georgia for the past 46 years, as a teacher, coach, administrator, and teacher advocate.  I’ve experienced a thing or two in public education.  I also grew up in a family of public school educators, immediate family and extended family — teachers and administrators.  Public education is in our blood.  I authored a tome (about 675,000 words) on the ills of public education in America entitled, The MACE Manifesto: The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of What is Wrong with American Public Education.

When you shine the calcium light of truth on what is the chief problem in American Public Education (APE), there is one enormous problem which affects everything going on in public education: The teachers have been stripped of their authority in the classroom.  That it in a nutshell.  In the old days, the teacher was the king or queen of his or her classroom.  The teacher’s word and authority was sacrosanct.  The administrators trusted the teacher’s professional knowledge, judgment, and wisdom.  After all, the teacher was a professional, having earned at minimum a bachelor’s degree in education.

The MACE Mantra from the inception of MACE has been this: “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.”  This an axiomatic truth.  It cannot be successfully disputed.  It is a law (principle of action) just as is the law of gravity.  You may try to dispute it or ignore it but you do so at your own peril.  Walk off the roof of a house and see what happens.  The same is true of MACE’s Law of Learning.  Denigrate teachers, undermine teachers, and question  teachers in front of students and parents and see what happens.  Chaos emerges and takes over a classtoom.  Learning does not take place.  I still never cease to be amazed at how EDAs (educational dumbasses) masquerading as “school leaders” think that they can improve learning by running roughshod over classroom educators.  They are operating upon a false theory.  It cannot be done.  MACE calls this “leadership by intimidation.”  It doesn’t work.  What works is “leadership by inspiration,” but how many of these types of school administrators are still around?  They are a vanishing breed.  Near extinction.  If you teach on a staff with an inspiring administrator, count your many blessings.

One thing about the intimidating administartors is this: They are bullies, and they get nervous when they hear that MACE is is around.  There’s not an administrator in the state whom MACE is afraid of.  Contrariwise, they all have a healthy respect of MACE.

MACE is about the protection and empowerment of classroom educators…one member at a time.  For 25 years, MACE has richly earned its reputation.


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Dr. Trotter and Mr. Barnes Explaining the Law…

Dr. John Trotter and Mr. Ben Barnes explain the federal and state laws as they relate to Georgia teachers…and also explain how school boards and school administrators break these laws. Dr. John Trotter: “I cannot think of bigger offenders of laws than school boards and school systems. They regularly and systematically violate the law. They are extreme law-breakers…and yet they take on some high-and-mighty and holier-than-thou disposition toward a teacher who may stub his or her toe. They are quintessential hypocrites.”

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Meet with MACE Leaders. Just Call the MACE Office (770.716.2727).

John and Ben in Cobb


Dr. John Trotter (L), Chairman of MACE Board of Directors, and Ben Barnes (R), CEO of MACE, were meeting with Smyrna Elementary School teachers in Cobb County on the occasion of this photo. Dr. Trotter and Mr. Barnes have had two meetings with Smyrna teachers this school year. MACE leaders and associates are ready to meet with teachers whenever they are asked. Just call the MACE Office (770.716.2727) and make an appointment. MACE meets Georgia teachers literally all over the State. Unlike GAE and PACE, MACE only represents and defends classroom educators, not administrators and supervisors. And when you say “MACE,” the administrators listen. MACE has richly earned its reputation in 23 years. MACE empowers classroom educators…one member at a time. The Choice is Clear! Don’t wait too long to join MACE. MACE membership is strictly confidential.

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MACE Is Fired Up Against Teacher Abuse!

Lion on fire

     MACE. Fired up against Teacher Abuse. This condition is widespread and out-of-control. Little small-minded, insecure, petty, and vindictive administrators are provided lethal weapons — dumb-ass, circle-the-bubbles “evaluation” forms which are used in a manipulative, retributive, and punitive manner against any teacher who displays gumption, integrity, backbone, and character. These angry and abusive administrators become more dangerous than monkeys dancing on powder kegs with a handful of Bic lighters. But, there is one union that gives them much pause. When you say “MACE,” they listen. MACE. Don’t teach without it.

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MACE Explains Effective Education!

MACE Explains Effective Education!
MACE’s Effective Education Explained (E3): “Make the kids behave, and let the teachers teach. Period. You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions. Period.” © 2018

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You Must Establish Discipline First!

“Are you telling me that you are going to focus on academic achievement and presume that the discipline will fall in place? This may offend you…but you are a complete nitwit. An educational dumbass. If you focus first on academic achievement, you will have neither academic achievement nor discipline and order in your school. But if you first establish discipline and order in your school, then you might also get academic achievement, depending on the motivation and capabilities of your students. I can assure you that order is the first law of the universe. In order to have any chance of establishing academic achievement at your school, you must first establish discipline and order” – Dr. John Trotter.

JT in Rome

John R. Alston Trotter, BA, MA, EdD, JD, MACE Chairman of the Board

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Teacher Blame Syndrome (TBS)

The Teacher Blame Syndrome (TBS) is a degenerative and degrading disease. It is epidemic. The Students-Administrators-Parents (SAP) Axis attacks teachers on a non-stop basis. Teachers have just one friend and advocate. That friend is MACE, the most feared and effective teachers union in the South. When you say, “MACE,” administrators listen. Unlike GAE and PAGE, MACE represents and defends only teachers, not administrators. The choice is clear. MACE. Don’t Teach Without It! Note: MACE membership is completely confidential.

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MACE Knows the Issues!

“MACE knows the issues in public education. There are essentially four issues: (1) Defiant & Disruption Students; (2) Irate & Irresponsible Parents; (3) Angry & Abusive Administrators; and (4) Systematic Cheating — not just on standardized tests but also when administrators force teachers to give students grades that they did not earn. Educrats try to treat a lack of learning as mechanical/technical breakdowns when they are really motivational breakdowns. The students just refuse to learn. They lack motivation, and the motivation to learn is a cultural phenomenon” — Dr. John Trotter.

John and Ben

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